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Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Now that the new iPad has been revealed, everyone’s chiming in on whether it’s a disappointing incremental upgrade or a fantastic breakthrough. None of that matters to its success, of course. If every single previous iPhone and iPad product launch is any indication, Apple is going to sell truckloads of these things no matter what any expert, hater or fanboy says.

However, there’s one thing that makes this iPad release different from ealier ones: The new iPad will be the Apple device that goes head-to-head with Windows 8 tablets when they arrive later this year. Microsoft‘s new OS will spawn an entirely different species of tablet than the Android devices that have so far been Apple’s main competition. And if Microsoft plays its cards right, it could be the one that finally gives the iPad a serious challenge in the market.

So far, no product has been able to do that. The first “real” Android tablets, like the Motorola Xoom, were largely ignored by consumers. The newer tablets and latest Android upgrades are certainly better, but they’re still hampered by an amorphous ecosystem. Those examples of up-scaled phone apps on Android that Tim Cook cued up in his keynote were pretty damning, and he also said there were 200,000 iPad apps in the App Store. Google doesn’t give an official count of tablet-specific Android apps in Google Play, but estimates are in the thousands.

Tablet Non-Contenders

Non-Android tablets look even worse. RIM fumbled the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook so badly that the tablet — and possibly RIM’s whole credibility in the space — will never recover. HP killed its consumer tablet offering, the TouchPad, mere weeks after launch upon realizing the iPad was an opponent it couldn’t hope to defeat.

Certainly, the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook are success stories, but they kind of cheated. Both have only managed to carve out a niche market among tablets by selling their devices at a rock-bottom prices (the Kindle Fire’s is so low that Amazon may be selling it at a loss). They can only do this by using the device itself as an outlet to sell specialized content. These products aren’t going toe-to-toe with the iPad — they’re fighting over the scraps of the market it’s left behind.

So far no device has been able to seriously challenge the iPad experience in its entirety. Basically, the tablet market has yet to see its Motorola Droid, the phone that finally showed, along with Android 2.0 software, that the iPhone wasn’t the end-all-be-all of smartphones. Android’s success skyrocketed after its release.

Windows 8 to the Rescue?

Could the tablet market’s dark horse be a Windows 8 device? It’s possible, but it hinges entirely on how consumers respond to the new user interface, Metro.

The thrust of Windows 8 — and why it’s such a big gamble my Microsoft — is that it brings the same UI to tablets and traditional PCs (desktops and laptops). Metro is ideally suited for touchscreens, but it works with a mouse and keyboard, too.

There’s a reason Microsoft has done this, and it’s not really the spirit of bringing tablet features to your laptop. Quite the opposite, in fact. In order to have any hope of succeeding in tablets, Microsoft has to convince its army of Windows developers to make software for those tablets. But no one’s going to develop software for an unproven OS where the company has seen little commercial success (no current Windows tablet has significant market share).

However, if your entire OS, including traditional PCs, is running the same software, then developers almost have no choice but to design apps for tablets. Windows 8 essentially turns all Windows developers into tablet developers, potentially giving the Windows 8 tablet platform the fuel it needs to expand rapidly and finally give the iPad a real opponent.

The Catch: Metro

Again, almost. There’s one thing that could hold it back: consumers rejecting Metro. You see, Windows 8 lets any user turn off Metro and just use the traditional desktop. If enough of them do, many developers may simply choose not to create Metro apps. After all, if most of your customers are just switching to the old Windows environment anyway, why bother?

That would let the air out of the expanding Windows 8 tablet balloon pretty quickly, and that’s even before we consider the wild cards of potential device fragmentation, how Windows will work on ARM devices and whether or not consumers will even accept a tablet as their main computing device.

Microsoft needs to get Metro 100% right if Windows 8 tablets are going to have any hope. If users like Metro, then the developers will follow, and a real ecosystem will emerge. If not, the iPad will probably be the only tablet worth talking about for a long, long time.

BONUS: A Tour of Windows 8 and Metro

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Start Menu

Here’s what greets you every time you log into your Windows 8 machine. Yes, the tiles are customizable, though it’s a little unwieldy in practice.

start menu Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Sharing in Metro

Sharing is arguably Metro’s most powerful feature. Although the sharing option is only populated with Mail right now, once Windows 8 apps get going, you’ll see options here like Facebook, Twitter and all the rest — in every app.

sharing pane Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Finance Metro App

Many apps, like the native Finance app, look beautiful in Metro.

finance Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Traditional Desktop

You can still get back to the familiar desktop anytime you want in Windows 8. Note the absence of a Start button, which you get to by mousing into the lower-left corner.

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desktop Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Bing Maps

Bing Maps, like all Metro apps, makes use of the entire screen. Right-clicking brings up options.

bing maps big Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Multitasking Menu

You can see which apps are running by pointing your mouse to one of the left corners and then moving it alongside. Right-clicking an app lets you stop it.

app menu Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Action Menu

The side action menu slides out via the side and is the same no matter what app you’re in.

start settings Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Buggy Email

The consumer preview of Windows 8 still has lots of bugs in it, as evidenced by this screen shot of the email app.

buggy email Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Internet Explorer Tabs

Since the entire screen in Internet Explorer is dedicated to showing you the web page, right-clicking twice shows you the tabs that are open.

ie tabs Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad


Messaging ties with your People app, bringing in contacts on Windows Messenger or Facebook.

messaging Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Flickr Integration

The Windows 8 Photo app has built-in integration with Flickr, but it wasn’t working on our device.

flickr empty Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad


Your 25GB of free SkyDrive space is easily accessible via a live tile, and it integrates with the Photos app, letting you avoid sending large email attachments by uploading pics to SkyDrive.

skydrive Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Weather App

The Weather app also looks beautiful in Metro.

weather Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

PC Settings

Through settings, you can make changes to your Windows profile, which will show up — apps and all — on any Windows 8 machine you log into.

settings Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Flash Player Download

Yep, you still need to download Flash to get your browsers to play many videos, like those on YouTube.

flash player Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Adding Apps to Start Menu

You can customize your Start menu with specific apps, even if they’re desktop-only apps like the browsers seen here.

custom start Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Video Hub

The video hub doesn’t just show video files — it also promotes content as well. Whether that’s a plus or a minus is up to you.

video hub Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad


Solitaire was available on our Consumer Preview device via Xbox Live, though Microsoft said it couldn’t guarantee it would be in the general release.

solitaire Windows 8 Tablets Could Seriously Challenge the New iPad

Windows 8 With a Mouse and Keyboard
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The laptop’s motherboard was at fault could affect battery life

A reader thinks an error with his motherboard has caused his laptop’s battery to fail – is he covered under his warranty and should Dell replace the battery?

laptop battery life The laptops motherboard was at fault could affect battery life

The laptop’s motherboard was at fault – could this affect battery life?

A few weeks ago my daughter’s laptop displayed a message saying that the battery was unable to charge normally. The message also said the battery was reaching the end of its life and suggested buying a replacement Dell laptop battery. I contacted Dell and was advised that the laptop was outside the warranty period and the laptop battery was not covered.

It has been established that the motherboard was at fault and this has been fixed. Dell then said if the problem continued it would replace the motherboard free. I am concerned that this fault caused the much reduced lifetime of the battery.

Adrian Dobson

Dell explained to Mr Dobson that the motherboard problems he had experienced were caused by static building up in the motherboard’s capacitors. Once these were drained, the problem was resolved.

However, Mr Dobson wanted to know if he had a case to force Dell to replace the battery, which was just over a year old. He asked if Dell has a duty to do this, free, because he believes the problem with the motherboard reduced its lifespan.

Asus a33-f3 battery – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $67.76

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While there is legal protection if faulty goods cause damage to other components or property, he would need to prove his case. He won’t find this easy. Laptop batteries are notorious for giving people problems and are often not covered by warranties, or covered for longer than 12 months.

It is hard to say how long a battery should last too, as this depends on how often it is charged and discharged. Some will inexplicably fail within six months; others can last up to five years or more.

He could appeal to Dell to see if the company will consider providing a new laptop battery. The company has said that if the motherboard continues to show problems it would replace this free of charge.

As a goodwill gesture it may consider offering a new battery as well. But if it refuses to do this, Mr Dobson will probably find it difficult to prove that the build-up of static – which is not an inherent fault – reduced the notebook battery life. It will probably cost more to prove this than buying a new battery.

He could try recharging the battery and exhausting it a number of times. This may extend battery life and improve the performance.

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 says a customer should not be out of pocket because they have bought inherently faulty goods. This means that the customer must be in the same position financially as they were before a fault was discovered.

So if one faulty component in a computer damages another, the retailer will be liable to ensure that it repairs or replaces both of these.

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Review and Rating HP Pavilion G6 All-Purpose Laptop

The HP Pavilion g6 is a straightforward, solid all-purpose laptop for a good price.

hp pavilion g6  Review and Rating HP Pavilion G6 All Purpose LaptopThe HP Pavilion g6 is exactly what you’d expect for its starting price of around £300: bland. While there’s absolutely nothing exciting about this machine, it does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well: The chassis is simple yet sturdy, the keyboard and trackpad are well-designed, and the performance is just around average.

Our review model, at an RRP of £540, costs a bit more than the bare-bones version of the HP Pavilion g6. That price gets you the latest-generation Intel Core i3-380M processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory, and a 5400-rpm, 500GB hard drive. Our review model also comes preinstalled with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium and features a built-in Webcam, a microphone, and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, 7 hours extended laptop battery. In our WorldBench 6 benchmark tests, the g6 received a score of 101, which is on the low side of average for laptops in this class.

The HP Pavilion g6 is surprisingly attractive, considering its price point. Don’t get me wrong – it still looks and feels like a budget machine. But its minimalist form and rounded edges lend it an air of style that most budget laptops lack. The lid is a shiny, solid-gray plastic that bends slightly in the middle if you put any weight on it. A small, brushed-metal HP logo is on the bottom left corner, and the edges are smooth and rounded. The underside of the chassis is your typical matte black plastic, with two Altec Lansing speakers located on the front, just under the keyboard.

The interior of the HP Pavilion g6 laptop is simple, with a smooth black plastic border around the silver keyboard and wristpad area. A slightly depressed border is also around the matte-black island-style keyboard. The trackpad is just a textured area directly on the wristpad, with two separate silver buttons below it. The HP Pavilion g6 weighs about 2.55kg, and measures 374x245x30.5mm.

Port-wise, the HP Pavilion g6 is typical for its class. On the right side, you’ll find a VGA port, an ethernet port, and two USB 2.0 ports – plus an HDMI port and a SD/MMC card reader, both nice touches. The left side is dominated mostly by the tray-loading DVD-RW drive with LightScribe, but HP manages to squeeze in an additional USB 2.0 port along with a Kensington lock slot.

The HP Pavilion g6′s full-size keyboard is quiet and comfortable to type on. The keyboard itself is a pseudo-island-style affair, and the keys have flat tops and are wider on the bottoms. The keys are evenly spaced and offer good tactile feedback. The keys move a little too much as you press down, but overall the g6 still offers one of the best typing experiences I’ve had on a budget notebook.

HP Introduces Power Laptop Battery With 32-Hour Extended Life

Choosing Between a Lenovo ThinkPad and an HP ProBook Guide

The trackpad is also impressive, considering it’s just a square of textured plastic on the wristpad area. I’m usually not a fan of textured trackpads (I prefer indented ones), because they usually don’t work as well as their counterparts. However, the HP Pavilion g6′s trackpad is extremely responsive, and the discrete mouse buttons are large and easy to press. The trackpad has no scrolling area, because HP has built in multitouch support.

Unfortunately, multitouch gestures work sluggishly at best.

The HP Pavilion g6′s 15.6-inch LED-backlit display has a native resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. The glossy screen is nicely bright and has good image quality, so long as you’re sitting directly in front of it. Off-axis viewing is poor, and the glossy screen throws back a lot of reflections if you happen to be in direct or bright light. Speaker quality is pretty good (perhaps not as rich as you might like), and the Altec Lansing speakers are loud enough to fill a medium-sized room.

Since the HP Pavilion g6 features a second-generation Intel processor, it also comes with integrated Intel HD graphics. Casual video playback is good on the g6, but it’s not exactly a gaming computer. In our Unreal Tournament 3 graphics tests, the g6 managed an unplayable frame rate of just 16.8 frames per second (highest quality, 1024-by-768-pixel resolution).

HP pavilion dv3500 extended life battery brand new 4400mAh Only AU $53.58

HP pavilion dv9700 laptop battery brand new 4400mAh Only AU $66.53 battery company Review and Rating HP Pavilion G6 All Purpose LaptopAustralia Post Fast Delivery

The HP Pavilion g6′s WorldBench 6 score of 101 is pretty average for its category. So you’re not getting a closet gaming machine, but this laptop will support everyday use just fine.


How to maintain HP business notebook 6710b battery

HP Compaq 6710b Business Notebook PC – Removing and Replacing the 6710B Battery


This document is provided to assist in removing and replacing the battery for the HP Compaq 6710b Notebook PC.

Minimum skill level
The End User requires no hardware-specific training to replace the defective part. The End user should have familiarity with system hardware and software requiring repair.
Parts required
  NOTE: Part numbers are subject to change.
The replacement part number will vary depending on the laptop battery that is being replaced. If a part is listed as “Yes” under “Requires Return” then the defective part needs to be returned to HP. Click here for more information on returning parts to HP .
Description Part Number Requires Return
6-cell, 55-Wh Li-ion battery 486296-001 (Modified) No
6-cell, 47-Wh Li-ion Laptop battery 486295-001 (Modified) No
  NOTE: For customers in countries/regions with RoHS legislation* (e.g. EU, China, etc.) restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical equipment. The use of the Original Spare part is regulated by RoHS legislation. If your unit contains a part that is labelled with the Modified Spare number, the Modified Spare must be ordered as the replacement part. If your unit contains a part that is labelled with the Original Spare number, please order the Original Spare as the replacement part. In this case either the Original Spare or the Modified Spare may be shipped which will not affect performance or functionality of the unit.

Summary of instructions | Laptop Battery Care Tips
To view a video demonstrating the procedure for removing the battery, click on the link below. Or use the product video listing on the HP Services Media Library , then select Notebook Battery from the menu on the upper left hand side of the screen.
Click here to view the battery removal video (right-click on the link to open in a new window/tab).
Battery removal
  1. Review the safety considerations before performing the steps listed below by clicking on the following link:
    CAUTION: Failure to comply with the precautions could result in damage to your product or loss of data.
      NOTE: To reduce the risk of personal injury from hot surfaces, allow the drives and the internal system components to cool before touching them.
  2. Shut down the Notebook. If you are unsure whether the Notebook is off or in Hibernation, turn the Notebook on, and then shut it down through the operating system.
  3. Disconnect all external devices connected to the Laptop.
  4. Disconnect the power from the Notebook by first unplugging the power cord from the AC adapter outlet and then unplugging the laptop AC adapter from the Notebook.
  5. Slide and hold the HP COMPAQ Business Notebook 6730b Battery release latch to the release position.
  6. Slide the Business notebook 6710b battery out of the battery bay.
Battery replacement

Slide the laptop battery pack into the battery bay until it is properly seated and the release latch clicks.

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How to Keep Your Laptop Battery and Smartphone Battery Going and Going

extend smartphone battery life How to Keep Your Laptop Battery and Smartphone Battery Going and Going

If you’re a recent convert to smartphones, you’re probably still discovering all the amazing things that your new BlackBerry, Android phone or iPhone can do. But one thing you most likely found out right away: the more you do, the shorter your phone’s battery lasts.

While a standard cellphone’s charge can easily go three days or more, many smartphone owners are dismayed to learn that their new mobile toy requires charging every 24 hours, or even more often. It was great that I could use one device — my iPhone — to check my calendar and respond to multiple incoming calls during January’s Consumer Electronics Show, but I paid the price when its battery died at 2 p.m.

The answer was not to desperately search for an electrical outlet to recharge the phone (though I’ve done that) or to consider giving up the phone (done that, too), but rather to figure out a strategy to reduce energy consumption while still having it available for essential tasks. Whether you’re using a laptop or a smartphone, the devices can be tweaked to get the most out of its lithium-ion laptop batteries.

Reconsider Your Network

All things being equal, the C.D.M.A. mobile standard used by Verizon uses more power than a G.S.M. network, principally used by AT&T and T-Mobile. If battery life is critical, you might want to consider G.S.M. as long as its coverage meets your needs.

Dim It

The brighter your screen, the more juice you’re using. If you’re in a dimly lit room, turn down your LCD screen’s brightness. If your device has an autodimming feature that detects the light in a room, use it. Similarly, if you use your smartphone or laptop to play music, lower the volume.

If you have a BlackBerry, the company’s holster will automatically turn off the screen when you insert the phone.

Stop Searching

It is great that you can use Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone to a headset, or use Wi-Fi to speed up the downloading of e-mail messages. But when you’re not using that headset or not near a Wi-Fi hot spot, turn off those features on the phone or laptop.

The reason is that portable devices will continue to look for Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth headset, using power.

Similarly, put your phone to sleep when it is in standby. On an iPhone, you do so through the “Settings” icon. On a BlackBerry, use the “Manage Connections” icon.

Skip a Generation

Your smartphone is also continually looking for a cellphone signal. If you’re in a weak signal area, your phone must work even harder to find one, decreasing battery life. If you know that there is no coverage in your area, turn off your portable device’s mobile capabilities.

If your G.S.M. 3G network is not available or the signal is weak, the HP Pavilion DV2000 Battery will drain faster looking for one. Consider turning off the phone’s 3G network or using the slower EDGE network instead. It will make Web access slower but won’t affect phone call quality.

Check Mail Manually

Mobile smartphones can check for e-mail messages and instant messages automatically. Or they can be set to “push” notifications as soon as they arrive in your server’s mailbox.

Both strategies can be power hogs. To increase your battery life, turn off push and increase the interval between when the phone checks for new messages. Or better, set up your phone to check for messages manually.

Turn Off Everything

The simplest way to cut power to a minimum is to put your smartphone into “airplane mode.” You turn your BlackBerry or iPhone into a music player and personal organizer, and you won’t be able to receive e-mail messages or make or receive phone calls, but you will stretch your Asus A32-F3 Laptop Battery.

“In airplane mode and running just the alarm clock, your iPhone battery will last up to a week,” said Kyle Wiens.

Disable the Animations

The hotter your laptop feels, the more battery power it is using. And one of the biggest users of power is Flash animation, the battery technology behind many online videos and animated ads. To improve laptop battery life, disable Flash when not using wall power. BashFlash and ClicktoFlash for Macs and Flashblock for PC are programs that will automatically restrict Flash.

Get an App to Aid You

There are a number of applications that can help monitor battery life and shut off various functions that cut down on a mobile device’s effective power.

Battery Go and myBatteryLife tell iPhone owners how much charge they have left and how that power translates into minutes of talk time, music, video and Web surfing.

NB BattStat alerts BlackBerry owners to the amount of battery charge remaining, as well as the battery’s temperature. (Hot batteries lose power more quickly.) The device can be set to vibrate or sound when a predetermined low battery level is reached.

Radio Saver will monitor your BlackBerry’s mobile coverage and shut off the device’s mobile circuitry when you are out of range of a cellular signal.

Best BatterySaver allows owners of mobile phones using the Symbian operating system (including models from Nokia and Sony Ericsson) to create battery-saving profiles. For example, certain features can be automatically turned on when the phone is connected to a wall plug, or Bluetooth can be automatically disconnected when the battery charge drops below a certain level.

For laptops, programs like Battery Health Monitor (Mac) and Laptop Battery Power Monitor (PC) keep track of battery charge and estimate how many more times you’ll be able to recharge your battery.

Realize the End Will Come

The older generation of nickel cadmium batteries suffered from memory issues; if you didn’t fully charge and discharge one, it would hold a progressively smaller amount of juice.

Today’s lithium-ion batteries don’t suffer from memory loss, so it is safe to top off a battery.

Lithium-ion batteries cannot be overcharged; a device’s circuitry cuts off the power when they are full. However, manufacturers still recommend that a laptop not be continually connected to power once the battery is at its capacity. If a laptop won’t be used for several months, it should be stored with the battery in a 50 percent charge state.

All batteries can be fully charged and discharged for a fixed number of cycles; lithium ion batteries typically last between 300 and 500 cycles. Information on the number of cycles can be obtained at manufacturers’ Web sites, or at

No matter how well you husband your battery’s resources, there comes a time when you’ll need to send your battery to its final resting place.

Like most things nearing the end of their life, your battery will stay awake less and sleep more. “If your battery lasts only an hour after you’ve charged it,” said Anthony Magnabosco, owner of, a battery replacement company, “you know its time is up.”

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Top 10 new Android features

Google I/O has once again come up trumps, the Big G’s annual San Francisco event delivering some sensational new Android features, as well as plans to push the OS beyond smartphones and tablets. There are even plans to bring the OS into line, as Google looks to stymy fragmentation. Here are our top new Android features to rear their head at I/O so far.

1 Android Ice Cream

android ice cream 520x300x24 fill Top 10 new Android features

More the basis for the future of Android than a feature in itself, Ice Cream Sandwich has been pegged for Q4 this year. As well as some stonking next-gen features (of which more later), it brings Gingerbread and Honeycomb together, with devs able to scale apps across phones and tablets. That also means UI changes for phones, and maybe even an end to dreaded custom skins.

2 Android Market Movies

google android market movies screenshot 520x300x24 fill Top 10 new Android features

US-only for now, but this multi-platform rental store is going to make a serious play for iTunes territory on iOS. Android 2.2 or above is supported, which means all top-end current Google phones can play nice. Throw in tablet support and offline PC syncing and you’re looking at a winner. Movies will look epic on big screen wonders like the HTC Desire HD.

3 Android@Home

android home 520x300x24 fill Top 10 new Android features

A development framework for now, but Google has shown with @Home that Android can be more than just a mobile platform. Its light control function is inspired, its AirPlay-baiting Project Tungsten a pointer to Apple that Android is currently the platform of true converged innovation. CD scanning with NFC and stereo control and streaming will make this a winner when it eventually launches.

4 Update guidelines

These might seem prosaic, but Google’s deal with US networks and its key OEMs to ensure the latest Android phones are upgradeable for at least 18 months is a smart move. It won’t kill fragmentation, but does mean people buying new kit know that it will at least be at the bleeding edge for the bulk of their contract.

5 USB hub skills

xbox 360 controller 520x300x24 fill Top 10 new Android features

Google showed Ice Cream Sandwich’s USB hub smarts off at I/O. And they promise to make all tablets and smartphones using Android much like the Motorola Atrix. Keyboards, mice and even Xbox controllers can be hooked up. This will be especially important on slates.

6 Facial recognition for video calling

This tech is seriously clever and gives Ice Cream an edge over the current version of FaceTime on iOS. If you’re nattering with two mates, the camera will track which person is talking and focus on them. Gtalk is about to get very interesting.

dell024 Top 10 new Android features
Dell latitude D630 Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $67.91

7 0-click NFC sharing

blackberry nfc 520x300x24 fill Top 10 new Android features

This is what NFC is all about. Google demoed devices using NFC sharing content without having to fire up apps. It works with YouTube clips and web pages and Google says it’ll be going large on it, pimping it out to devs for potential app sharing activities.

8 Google Music on Android

Google Music might be a desktop deal, but it’s also going to play a large part on Android devices. The fact you can stash 20,000 tracks in the cloud and stream them wherever you are, means the Big G has gazumped Amazon and Apple. It also leaves space for more apps on your device.

9 Google TV update

google tv android app 520x300x24 fill Top 10 new Android features

Google TV is getting a boost to Android 3.1. While not strictly mobile, devs working on apps for it will doubtless be looking to port their work over to Android Market on phones and tabs, meaning better add-ons for all of us.

10 Instant Mix for Music

This is Google’s iTunes Genius rival. El Goog says it’s every bit as smart as its competitor, with playlists you make on your Android phone or tablet automatically syncing with the cloud.

Tagcloud: 10 new Android features, battery care tips, Toshiba PA3593U-1BAS Battery, Dell Vostro 1510 Battery, Hp pavilion laptop battery, Toshiba satellite laptop battery, Dell inspiron laptop battery, Toshiba Satellite A105 Battery

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Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Features Longest Laptop Battery Life

acer aspire laptop battery 300x115 Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Features Longest Laptop Battery Life

Acer debuted their first Ultrabook the Aspire S3 at IFA this week. While it hasn’t landed on US shores yet, that didn’t stop us from giving a little love to this slim vixen.

The Aspire S3 is encased in a thin, light metal design that weighs less than 3 lbs, has a 13.3 ultra-thin HD LED, is outfitted with a full-size chiclet keyboard, and a high-density battery that delivers up to 7 hours of battery life. Some highlights are Acer’s Green Instant On technology which provides instant-resume functionality that aims to ensures longer battery life. If the Acer Aspire S3 has been in sleep mode for less than 30 minutes, it will resume in under 2 seconds. It will resume from deep sleep in 6 seconds. The unit enters deep sleep state after 30 minutes of no activity and is part of the Acer aspire 5620 battery saving measures that allow up to 50 days of battery life. That’s longer battery life than practically any other mobility device on the market right now!

AspireS3 15 123x123 Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Features Longest Laptop Battery LifeAspireS3 05 123x117 Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Features Longest Laptop Battery LifeAspireS3 02 123x103 Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Features Longest Laptop Battery Life

The Aspire S3 also offers several Intel processors to choose from, the 2nd gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors and a choice of 240 GB SSD or 320/500 GB HDD with embedded SSD.

Acer Aspire 6930 laptop battery – brand new 4400mAh Only AU $65.29

HP probook 4510s battery – brand new 4400mAh Only AU $60.85

HP probook 4710s battery – brand new 5200mAh Only AU $65.85

For overseas markets the Acer Ultrabook will be priced between €799 and €1199, the Aspire S3 will start to roll out in select regions in September and then to many other markets in October. Here is hoping that 50 day laptop battery comes to momma in the US.

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Preserve and Troubleshoot Your iPhone 4S Battery Guide

iPhone4S battery batteries  300x261 Preserve and Troubleshoot Your iPhone 4S Battery Guide

We’ve already heard that the iPhone 4S battery doesn’t last quite as long as that of the iPhone 4. Part of it is the dual-core processor. It’s more power-hungry, but according to some reports, there may be more to it than just that (and Apple is looking into it). Don’t forget, recording video is also a huge battery killer, but lets get into the less obvious stuff.

It seems that the issue may lie in iOS 5 for some. As is expected with new software, there are still a few kinks to work out, and the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS is no exception. The problem may actually have something to do with power management and a few little crash bugs.

First, we suggest going through and turning off all the possible offenders: iCloud sync, wifi sync, location tracking, time zone switch, location-based reminders, and anything else below that affects battery life. Turn all of them off and begin monitoring your battery life.

Then, go down the list. Turn one of the features on, and monitor your battery life. If things are okay. Turn it off again and turn on the next possible offender. Eventually, you should run into the culprit. When that happens, you know that you can safely turn on all the other features and home in on the problem. For example, if it’s a wifi sync, maybe you can start to figure out what part of the sync, if any is going wrong.

An App to Help

One of the best ways that users are finding to help diagnose potential problems is an app called System Activity Monitor (linked below). It’s a 99 cent app that lets you check the processes currently running on your iPhone as well as crash reports and other activities going on behind the scenes with your iPhone. It’s been reported on both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 5.

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Problems and Solutions

Crash Loops

One of the main problems seems to be crashing loops. Basically, the iPhone tried to access some sort of data, but it crashed. The iPhone tries again to access the data, resulting in another crash, over and over. This is all going on behind the scenes, so the user never sees or notices. However, it is a major drain on the HP probook 4710s battery.

To view your crash logs, go to Settings>General>About>Diagnostics and Usage Data

You may see something like the following:

CrashLog 358x538 custom Preserve and Troubleshoot Your iPhone 4S Battery Guide

We have a LowMemory error going on several times as apps crash. Perhaps removing the problematic apps will help.

iCloud Sync

iCloud syncing is said to be a problem with some devices. The Register UK says that a corrupted contact can cause issues. That bit of data is corrupted and the iPhone tries to keep syncing to iCloud to pull the contact data, causing the battery to quickly wear down. Some users said that deleting their contacts has helped, but that sounds like a drastic measure. We always recommend trying absolutely everything you can before clearing out your iOS device.

Time Zone Set to Auto

Another bug that can be a problem, according to reports is that Location Tracking is constantly trying to update coordinates. This happens when the Time Zone is set to auto. It’s suggested that users go to Settings>Location Services>System Services and turn off “Setting Time Zone.” In case you’re wondering what that is, it’s just a feature that allows the iPhone to automatically update the time when you cross time zones.

time zone Preserve and Troubleshoot Your iPhone 4S Battery Guide

Wifi Sync

This was the problem with iSmashPhone’s iPhone 4S. For some users, wifi is the cause of short battery life. While the iPhone 4 seems to be doing just fine, as is the iPad. The iPhone 4S would lose about 40 percent of its battery overnight, with no use, of course. We turned off wifi sync, and that seems to have helped immensely.

Plug your iPhone into your computer and open up iTunes. In the iPhone menu, look for the Sync wifi option:

1) The sync option may be on. You will see it checked off as shown below.

wifisync on Preserve and Troubleshoot Your iPhone 4S Battery Guide

2) You can turn it off by unchecking the “Sync this iPhone over wi-fi” option.

Location-based Reminders

Location-based reminders are also battery suckers, we’ve heard. We haven’t had many issues with this, but we’ve only used it for quick tests. Still, it may be worth turning these off if you really need some extra juice.


Maintaining Battery Life

There are plenty of things you can do to help maintain battery life. We have written some tips, here are good few that are, but can apply to anyone – 15 tips to maximize your iPhone battery life.

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Apps to keep your iPhone healthy and maintain your iPhone battery

Do you have concerns about the security of your data or the battery life on your iPhone? It is essential to properly maintain your device in order for it to work effectively. Explore the following apps to keep your iPhone healthy in this quick and easy round-up.

Lookout Mobile Security

060323c33dbb55e6a831413a799402a3f823ec8b small Apps to keep your iPhone healthy and maintain your iPhone battery

Interface – When first launching this app I noticed a sleek and simple looking interface. It is set up to easily navigate through, with three main features — Security, Backup and Missing Device. At the very top it notifies you if everything is ok or if there is a security issue with your device. If you tap a category it will provide you with additional information on that specific subject and tell you if there is a problem.

Features – This is a fairly comprehensive, feature-packed app. It provides features such as — finding your phone if it becomes lost or stolen, managing unsecured Wi-Fi networks and backing up your information. At first I was wondering how I would know if it really was doing what it promised to do, but then I got my answer when it notified me that I was near an unsecured network.

Overall, for a free app this is definitely worth the download. Although in a future update I would like to see the ability to back up your photos. This feature would add a great component to the app that does not exist on the market right now. For all of the other features Lookout offers, you already have most of them on your phone. iCloud backs up your information, and Find My iPhone will locate your phone. The main feature that I adore is the notifications, this feature will help you to be aware of what is going on with your phone’s security.

Battery Doctor +

73078f9e0aeac12a2cf0cac4262dd45382eb8b01 small Apps to keep your iPhone healthy and maintain your iPhone battery

Interface - Battery Doctor + is a free app that has an impressive and easy to use interface. When you first open the app you will notice your battery’s status level in bold at the top of the screen. It will also give you information about your charging habits beneath that. I was an instant fan of this app when I noticed the usage list as I scrolled down the page. I thought this was a genius idea to give users an idea of how much time they had remaining on their battery life for each task they used. A breakdown of some of the tasks displayed included — Internet on Wi-Fi, talk time, video playback, YouTube, 3D Game and many more.

Features – The features are quite remarkable. In addition to a full usage list and time remaining there are also tips on how to lengthen your Acer aspire one zg5 battery life, a comprehensive record of your charging status and tips for proper maintenance of your phone. One thing I particularly liked was the options they give you in the settings menu. You can change your sound selections, the order of your usage list and decide if you would like reminders or not.

The bottom line is Battery Doctor + is the best Acer Aspire 6930 battery and maintenance app for the iPhone that I have come across. Not only is it free but it works perfectly and helps your iPhone be at its best. I would highly recommend downloading this app today.

Battery Life Pro All-IN-1

3b45dc393ea34376d53f0af363160346078b764d small Apps to keep your iPhone healthy and maintain your iPhone battery

Interface – This is truly the most unique interface I have ever seen. When you open the app you are met by an interface that looks like it came straight off your dashboard in your vehicle. I have to say it is very cool. At the top it gives you the percentage of battery life you have in the form of a number that looks like the speed you are driving at in your vehicle. Then at the bottom of the screen you will see a breakdown of how long your battery will last.

Features – In addition to Battery Life Pro’s stunning layout it also has some amazing features. You can keep track of your charging time based on your specific needs, learn about battery tips, set an alert to remind you when you need to charge your HP Probook 4710S Battery, and my favorite, change the theme of how you want the information presented to you. They give users seven different options to choose from and they are all absolutely amazing.

Overall I found this app to function excellently well and I really enjoyed the unique graphics. The developers really put a lot of thought into this app. There is nothing I would add or change to make this app better. For a free app, it is definitely worth your time to download it.

All of these apps work effortlessly. If I had to choose the best overall of the three I would pick The Battery Doctor +. Although all of these apps work great, Battery Doctor + worked the best. In order keep your phone working properly make sure you try all of these iPhone maintenance apps.

Do you have a favorite app that helps the overall performance of your iPhone? If you have a suggestion, question or comment please feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.

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How Lithium-ion Laptop Batteries Work

Shop HP laptop battery How Lithium ion Laptop Batteries WorkLithium-ion batteries are incredibly popular these days. You can find them in laptops, PDAs, cell phones and iPods. They’re so common because, pound for pound, they’re some of the most energetic rechargeable batteries available.

­ Lithium-ion batteries have also been in the news lately. That’s because these batteries have the ability to burst into flames occasionally. It’s not very common — just two or three battery packs per million have a problem — but when it happens, it’s extreme. In some situations, the failure rate can rise, and when that happens you end up with a worldwide battery recall that can cost manufacturers millions of dollars.

So the question is, what makes these batteries so energetic and so popular? How do they burst into flame? And is there anything you can do to prevent the problem or help your batteries last longer? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more.

Lithium-ion batteries are popular because they have a number of important advantages over competing technologies:

  • They’re generally much lighter than other types of rechargeable batteries of the same size. The electrodes of a lithium-ion battery are made of lightweight lithium and carbon. Lithium is also a highly reactive element, meaning that a lot of energy can be stored in its atomic bonds. This translates into a very high energy density for lithium-ion batteries.Here is a way to get a perspective on the energy density. A typical lithium-ion battery can store 150 watt-hours of electricity in 1 kilogram of battery. A NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery pack can store perhaps 100 watt-hours per kilogram, although 60 to 70 watt-hours might be more typical. A lead-acid HP Business notebook 6710b battery can store only 25 watt-hours per kilogram. Using lead-acid technology, it takes 6 kilograms to store the same amount of energy that a 1 kilogram lithium-ion battery can handle. That’s a huge difference.girl using laptop .au  How Lithium ion Laptop Batteries Work batteries to suit your lifestyple – your best batteries online shop for HP laptop batteries, Toshiba laptop batteries, Dell laptop batteries, Asus laptop batteries, HP laptop AC adapters and Dell laptop AC adapters, all our notebook batteries and laptop power adapters are 100% satisfation guarantee and 100% brand new with 1 year warranty!
  • They hold their charge. A lithium-ion HP Pavilion dv9000 battery pack loses only about 5 percent of its charge per month, compared to a 20 percent loss per month for NiMH batteries.
  • They have no memory effect, which means that you do not have to completely discharge them before recharging, as with some other battery chemistries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.

That is not to say that lithium-ion batteries are flawless. They have a few disadvantages as well:

  • They start degrading as soon as they leave the factory. They will only last two or three years from the date of manufacture whether you use them or not.
  • They are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Heat causes lithium-ion battery packs to degrade much faster than they normally would.
  • If you completely discharge a lithium-ion battery, it is ruined.
  • A lithium-ion battery pack must have an on-board computer to manage the battery. This makes them even more expensive than they already are.
  • There is a small chance that, if a lithium-ion battery pack fails, it will burst into flame.

Many of these characteristics can be understood by looking at the chemistry inside a lithium-ion cell. We’ll look at this next.

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