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How to Keep Your Laptop Battery and Smartphone Battery Going and Going

extend mobile phone battery life tips

If you’re a recent convert to smartphones, you’re probably still discovering all the amazing things that your new BlackBerry, Android phone or iPhone can do. But one thing you most likely found out right away: the more you do, the shorter your phone’s battery lasts.

While a standard cellphone’s charge can easily go three days or more, many smartphone owners are dismayed to learn that their new mobile toy requires charging every 24 hours, or even more often. It was great that I could use one device — my iPhone — to check my calendar and respond to multiple incoming calls during January’s Consumer Electronics Show, but I paid the price when its battery died at 2 p.m.

The answer was not to desperately search for an electrical outlet to recharge the phone (though I’ve done that) or to consider giving up the phone (done that, too), but rather to figure out a strategy to reduce energy consumption while still having it available for essential tasks. Whether you’re using a laptop or a smartphone, the devices can be tweaked to get the most out of its lithium-ion laptop batteries.

Reconsider Your Network

All things being equal, the C.D.M.A. mobile standard used by Verizon uses more power than a G.S.M. network, principally used by AT&T and T-Mobile. If battery life is critical, you might want to consider G.S.M. as long as its coverage meets your needs.

Dim It

The brighter your screen, the more juice you’re using. If you’re in a dimly lit room, turn down your LCD screen’s brightness. If your device has an autodimming feature that detects the light in a room, use it. Similarly, if you use your smartphone or laptop to play music, lower the volume.

If you have a BlackBerry, the company’s holster will automatically turn off the screen when you insert the phone.

Stop Searching

It is great that you can use Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone to a headset, or use Wi-Fi to speed up the downloading of e-mail messages. But when you’re not using that headset or not near a Wi-Fi hot spot, turn off those features on the phone or laptop.

The reason is that portable devices will continue to look for Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth headset, using power.

Similarly, put your phone to sleep when it is in standby. On an iPhone, you do so through the “Settings” icon. On a BlackBerry, use the “Manage Connections” icon.

Skip a Generation

Your smartphone is also continually looking for a cellphone signal. If you’re in a weak signal area, your phone must work even harder to find one, decreasing battery life. If you know that there is no coverage in your area, turn off your portable device’s mobile capabilities.

If your G.S.M. 3G network is not available or the signal is weak, the HP Pavilion DV2000 Battery will drain faster looking for one. Consider turning off the phone’s 3G network or using the slower EDGE network instead. It will make Web access slower but won’t affect phone call quality.

Check Mail Manually

Mobile smartphones can check for e-mail messages and instant messages automatically. Or they can be set to “push” notifications as soon as they arrive in your server’s mailbox.

Both strategies can be power hogs. To increase your battery life, turn off push and increase the interval between when the phone checks for new messages. Or better, set up your phone to check for messages manually.

Turn Off Everything

The simplest way to cut power to a minimum is to put your smartphone into “airplane mode.” You turn your BlackBerry or iPhone into a music player and personal organizer, and you won’t be able to receive e-mail messages or make or receive phone calls, but you will stretch your Asus A32-F3 Laptop Battery.

“In airplane mode and running just the alarm clock, your iPhone battery will last up to a week,” said Kyle Wiens.

Disable the Animations

The hotter your laptop feels, the more battery power it is using. And one of the biggest users of power is Flash animation, the battery technology behind many online videos and animated ads. To improve laptop battery life, disable Flash when not using wall power. BashFlash and ClicktoFlash for Macs and Flashblock for PC are programs that will automatically restrict Flash.

Get an App to Aid You

There are a number of applications that can help monitor battery life and shut off various functions that cut down on a mobile device’s effective power.

Battery Go and myBatteryLife tell iPhone owners how much charge they have left and how that power translates into minutes of talk time, music, video and Web surfing.

NB BattStat alerts BlackBerry owners to the amount of battery charge remaining, as well as the battery’s temperature. (Hot batteries lose power more quickly.) The device can be set to vibrate or sound when a predetermined low battery level is reached.

Radio Saver will monitor your BlackBerry’s mobile coverage and shut off the device’s mobile circuitry when you are out of range of a cellular signal.

Best BatterySaver allows owners of mobile phones using the Symbian operating system (including models from Nokia and Sony Ericsson) to create battery-saving profiles. For example, certain features can be automatically turned on when the phone is connected to a wall plug, or Bluetooth can be automatically disconnected when the battery charge drops below a certain level.

For laptops, programs like Battery Health Monitor (Mac) and Laptop Battery Power Monitor (PC) keep track of battery charge and estimate how many more times you’ll be able to recharge your battery.

Realize the End Will Come

The older generation of nickel cadmium batteries suffered from memory issues; if you didn’t fully charge and discharge one, it would hold a progressively smaller amount of juice.

Today’s lithium-ion batteries don’t suffer from memory loss, so it is safe to top off a battery.

Lithium-ion batteries cannot be overcharged; a device’s circuitry cuts off the power when they are full. However, manufacturers still recommend that a laptop not be continually connected to power once the battery is at its capacity. If a laptop won’t be used for several months, it should be stored with the battery in a 50 percent charge state.

All batteries can be fully charged and discharged for a fixed number of cycles; lithium ion batteries typically last between 300 and 500 cycles. Information on the number of cycles can be obtained at manufacturers’ Web sites, or at

No matter how well you husband your battery’s resources, there comes a time when you’ll need to send your battery to its final resting place.

Like most things nearing the end of their life, your battery will stay awake less and sleep more. “If your battery lasts only an hour after you’ve charged it,” said Anthony Magnabosco, owner of, a battery replacement company, “you know its time is up.”

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Top 10 new Android features

Google I/O has once again come up trumps, the Big G’s annual San Francisco event delivering some sensational new Android features, as well as plans to push the OS beyond smartphones and tablets. There are even plans to bring the OS into line, as Google looks to stymy fragmentation. Here are our top new Android features to rear their head at I/O so far.

1 Android Ice Cream

android ice cream

More the basis for the future of Android than a feature in itself, Ice Cream Sandwich has been pegged for Q4 this year. As well as some stonking next-gen features (of which more later), it brings Gingerbread and Honeycomb together, with devs able to scale apps across phones and tablets. That also means UI changes for phones, and maybe even an end to dreaded custom skins.

2 Android Market Movies

Google Android Market Movies screenshot

US-only for now, but this multi-platform rental store is going to make a serious play for iTunes territory on iOS. Android 2.2 or above is supported, which means all top-end current Google phones can play nice. Throw in tablet support and offline PC syncing and you’re looking at a winner. Movies will look epic on big screen wonders like the HTC Desire HD.

3 Android@Home


A development framework for now, but Google has shown with @Home that Android can be more than just a mobile platform. Its light control function is inspired, its AirPlay-baiting Project Tungsten a pointer to Apple that Android is currently the platform of true converged innovation. CD scanning with NFC and stereo control and streaming will make this a winner when it eventually launches.

4 Update guidelines

These might seem prosaic, but Google’s deal with US networks and its key OEMs to ensure the latest Android phones are upgradeable for at least 18 months is a smart move. It won’t kill fragmentation, but does mean people buying new kit know that it will at least be at the bleeding edge for the bulk of their contract.

5 USB hub skills

xbox 360 controller

Google showed Ice Cream Sandwich’s USB hub smarts off at I/O. And they promise to make all tablets and smartphones using Android much like the Motorola Atrix. Keyboards, mice and even Xbox controllers can be hooked up. This will be especially important on slates.

6 Facial recognition for video calling

This tech is seriously clever and gives Ice Cream an edge over the current version of FaceTime on iOS. If you’re nattering with two mates, the camera will track which person is talking and focus on them. Gtalk is about to get very interesting.

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7 0-click NFC sharing

BlackBerry NFC

This is what NFC is all about. Google demoed devices using NFC sharing content without having to fire up apps. It works with YouTube clips and web pages and Google says it’ll be going large on it, pimping it out to devs for potential app sharing activities.

8 Google Music on Android

Google Music might be a desktop deal, but it’s also going to play a large part on Android devices. The fact you can stash 20,000 tracks in the cloud and stream them wherever you are, means the Big G has gazumped Amazon and Apple. It also leaves space for more apps on your device.

9 Google TV update

Google TV Android app

Google TV is getting a boost to Android 3.1. While not strictly mobile, devs working on apps for it will doubtless be looking to port their work over to Android Market on phones and tabs, meaning better add-ons for all of us.

10 Instant Mix for Music

This is Google’s iTunes Genius rival. El Goog says it’s every bit as smart as its competitor, with playlists you make on your Android phone or tablet automatically syncing with the cloud.

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Apple’s own version of NFC incoming

Apple preparing own rival to NFC?

Apple isn’t one to adopt new tech just for the sake of it, and it looks like that’s not going to change anytime soon. The Cupertino company refused to use NFC for its Passbook app in iOS 6 due to the fact it’d sap the iPhone’s battery life, according to The Wall Street Journal.

But with the iPhone 5 due in October, will we see Apple’s own version of NFC incoming?

Paying for things with your mobile is yet to really take off, but expect it to become all the more common if Apple gets involved. The Wall Street Journal reports Apple started experimenting with various methods of mobile payments last year, at the same time as Google was rolling out its own version in the guise of Google Wallet.

Apple played around with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy options, but it jacked in both due to the fact they’d rinse the device’s HP Pavilion DV9000 Extended Life Battery.

The fact hardly anyone uses NFC was also said to be an issue.

But Apple unveiled Passbook at WWDC as a major feature of iOS 6. And Passbook isn’t a million miles away from Google Wallet. So what’s the deal?

Well Apple being Apple it’s most probably working on its own alternative to NFC. It reportedly has over 400 million credit cards registered with iTunes, which sounds too good an opportunity to pass up. It also considered teaming up with existing payment services and profiting by taking tiny cuts of transactions made on an iPhone. This was reportedly known within Apple as theSuperman III option, which suggests it wasn’t overly keen on the idea. Still, good to see those Cupertino boys have a sense of humour.


Preserve and Troubleshoot Your iPhone 4S Battery Guide

We’ve already heard that the iPhone 4S battery doesn’t last quite as long as that of the iPhone 4. Part of it is the dual-core processor. It’s more power-hungry, but according to some reports, there may be more to it than just that (and Apple is looking into it). Don’t forget, recording video is also a huge battery killer, but lets get into the less obvious stuff.

It seems that the issue may lie in iOS 5 for some. As is expected with new software, there are still a few kinks to work out, and the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS is no exception. The problem may actually have something to do with power management and a few little crash bugs.

First, we suggest going through and turning off all the possible offenders: iCloud sync, wifi sync, location tracking, time zone switch, location-based reminders, and anything else below that affects battery life. Turn all of them off and begin monitoring your battery life.

Then, go down the list. Turn one of the features on, and monitor your battery life. If things are okay. Turn it off again and turn on the next possible offender. Eventually, you should run into the culprit. When that happens, you know that you can safely turn on all the other features and home in on the problem. For example, if it’s a wifi sync, maybe you can start to figure out what part of the sync, if any is going wrong.

An App to Help

One of the best ways that users are finding to help diagnose potential problems is an app called System Activity Monitor (linked below). It’s a 99 cent app that lets you check the processes currently running on your iPhone as well as crash reports and other activities going on behind the scenes with your iPhone. It’s been reported on both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 5.

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Problems and Solutions

Crash Loops

One of the main problems seems to be crashing loops. Basically, the iPhone tried to access some sort of data, but it crashed. The iPhone tries again to access the data, resulting in another crash, over and over. This is all going on behind the scenes, so the user never sees or notices. However, it is a major drain on the HP probook 4710s battery.

To view your crash logs, go to Settings>General>About>Diagnostics and Usage Data

You may see something like the following:


We have a LowMemory error going on several times as apps crash. Perhaps removing the problematic apps will help.

iCloud Sync

iCloud syncing is said to be a problem with some devices. The Register UK says that a corrupted contact can cause issues. That bit of data is corrupted and the iPhone tries to keep syncing to iCloud to pull the contact data, causing the battery to quickly wear down. Some users said that deleting their contacts has helped, but that sounds like a drastic measure. We always recommend trying absolutely everything you can before clearing out your iOS device.

Time Zone Set to Auto

Another bug that can be a problem, according to reports is that Location Tracking is constantly trying to update coordinates. This happens when the Time Zone is set to auto. It’s suggested that users go to Settings>Location Services>System Services and turn off “Setting Time Zone.” In case you’re wondering what that is, it’s just a feature that allows the iPhone to automatically update the time when you cross time zones.

Wifi Sync

This was the problem with iSmashPhone’s iPhone 4S. For some users, wifi is the cause of short battery life. While the iPhone 4 seems to be doing just fine, as is the iPad. The iPhone 4S would lose about 40 percent of its battery overnight, with no use, of course. We turned off wifi sync, and that seems to have helped immensely.

Plug your iPhone into your computer and open up iTunes. In the iPhone menu, look for the Sync wifi option:

1) The sync option may be on. You will see it checked off as shown below.

2) You can turn it off by unchecking the “Sync this iPhone over wi-fi” option.

Location-based Reminders

Location-based reminders are also battery suckers, we’ve heard. We haven’t had many issues with this, but we’ve only used it for quick tests. Still, it may be worth turning these off if you really need some extra juice.


Maintaining Battery Life

There are plenty of things you can do to help maintain battery life. We have written some tips, here are good few that are, but can apply to anyone – 15 tips to maximize your iPhone battery life.

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How To Benchmark Your Laptop Battery Life With Battery Eater

While that rule seems simple enough, it isn’t always easy to follow. Laptop manufacturers have a tendency to overstate laptop battery life, and sometimes by no small margin. A manufacturer who claims ten hours of battery life rarely confesses that the stated battery life can only be achieved if you leave the laptop running at idle with the display a minimum brightness and WiFi off.

The only way to know what your laptop is really capable of is to benchmark it, and no program is better suited for this task than Battery Eater, one of only two free battery benchmark programs currently available and updated.

The Maximum Load (Default) Test

Once you’ve installed Battery Eater you’ll find it is very easy to use. Opening the program will display a main menu that shows your current battery status. Hopefully the battery will show that it is fully charged and AC adapter is currently plugged in – after all, testing a half charged battery won’t provide very good results!

Click the “Begin test when disconnecting AC” checkbox and then unplug your laptop whenever you’re ready.

laptop battery life

Battery Eater will swing into action as soon as you’ve unplugged the AC adapter. The default benchmark is a simple 3D rendering of a battery that moves around your laptop’s display. This will task both your laptop’s CPU and GPU. As the Battery Eater test states, this benchmark is designed to give an indication of the minimum battery life that you can expect. If your laptop achieves three hours, for example, you’ll know that your laptop will last at least three hours no matter what kind of crazy task you throw at it.

The Reader’s Test

If you’re interested in how your laptop battery might hold up during less intense use,  however, you can use the included Reader’s Test benchmark. This can be accessed by clicking on the Options button and then changing the Benchmark Mode to Reader’s Test.

Once that’s done, click on the Load Text button at the bottom of the window and select a text file. The Reader’s Test, once activated, will open the text file and automatically scroll through the file time and time again until your laptop’s battery gives out.

battery life

You can also test your laptop’s maximum battery life by using the Idle test, which is again accessed through the Options menu. The Idle test is exactly what you’d think – it just keeps tabs on your laptop battery life while the laptop remains at idle.

Viewing Results

Testing your laptop’s battery will, of course, cause it to run out of juice. When the battery does finally kick the bucket everything on your computer will be shut down and the laptop will automatically go into hibernation.

Battery Eater is one step ahead of your laptop, however. The program automatically generates a report once your computer’s laptop battery can endure no more.. This report is filed in your Battery Eater installation folder and is labeled with the date that you ran the benchmark.

When you open the folder you will be greeted with a .beg file called discharge and a log. The Discharge file has the information you need, but you won’t be able to view it with Excel or any other program. To generate a readable version of the report you must  drag and drop the .beg file onto the Battery Eater executable file. The report will open automatically in your default web browser.


Battery Eater can be a sobering program to use. Laptops that are supposed to be capable of more than six hours of battery life often achieve less than four hours during the default Battery Eater test. I highly suggest that you run the default benchmark, Reader’s Test benchmark and Idle benchmark.

Yes, this will likely take a while – but remember, Battery Eater makes a report automatically when the laptop battery life gives out. You can turn Battery Eater on before hitting the sack and read the results the next morning. Just remember to modify your laptop’s settings so that it does not automatically sleep or turn off the display, as either function can skew or ruin your test results!

If you know of another way to benchmark your laptop, do let us know about it in the comments.

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Top 20 Free Android games

Android phones have increased in popularity the number of apps available for the platform has rocketed. And if you are looking for the Some free cool games for your Android Mobile phone then here is a list of top 20 Free Android games for you.

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds, Android game, Free games

The amazingly popular iOS game moved to Android recently, earning over two million downloads during its first weekend of availability. The Android version is free, unlike the Apple release, with maker Rovio opting to stick a few adverts on it rather than charge an upfront fee. The result is a massive and very challenging physics puzzler that’s incredibly polished and professional. For free. It defies all the laws of modern retail.

2. World War

world war, android games

Another popular action type game released in October 2010 and scored into the top list within a short period of time. Story of this game is related to nuclear world was. It can be played multiplayer live online with friends or other gamers.

3. Replica Island

An extremely polished platform game that pulls off the shock result of being very playable on an Android trackball. The heavy momentum of the character means you’re only switching direction with the ball or d-pad, letting you whizz about the levels with ease. Then there’s jumping, bottom-bouncing, collecting and all the other usual platform formalities.

4. Gem Miner

Dig a mine to find ores, metals and gems and make your fortune. The game itself has you micro-managing the raw materials you find, upgrading your digging powers and buying bigger and better tools and maps. Looks great, plays well on Android’s limited button array. Go on, suck the very life out of the planet.

5. Air Control

One of the other common themes on the Android gaming scene is clones of games based around pretending to be an air traffic controller, where you guide planes to landing strips with a swish of your finger. There are loads of them, all pretty much the same thing – we’ve chosen Air Control as it’s an ad-supported release, so is technically free.

6. Bonsai Blast

Experience the Zen of pure gaming bliss! In Bonsai Blast, shoot to match colored balls in groups of 3 or more. The action gets increasingly more intense as you play. This is one game you won’t be able to put down!

7. Abduction

Your friends have been abducted by aliens! Follow the ufo into space, picking up power-ups as you go, but watch you don’t fall…

– Sound out of beta
– Smaller footprint
– Allow install to SD (Froyo)

8. Bebbled

Take the chance to play the best jawbreaker game for a mobile device featuring Online, Freestyle, and Campaign modes with 33 different levels.

9. Sketch Online

Sketch Online is a fun,fast-paced and time killing online multiplayer game where you can play with other friends and people with Android. A player has to draw a given word while other players have to guess it.

10. Robo Defense

Robo Defense is the ultimate portable tower defense experience. Featuring open maps, upgradeable towers, stat upgrades, achievements, and nice graphics. The free version features 1 map with 11 difficulty levels.


HOMERUN BATTLE 3D DOES! play ONLINE match up & go head-to-head against the world’s best BASEBALL SLUGGERS. Winner of Best Sports Game of 2009 from Best App Ever, and Touch Arcade.

12. Trap

Capture screen area by trapping moving balls inside walls. Contains power-ups and a bonus system: Learn to score a million points in a single level!

13. OpenSudoku

We had to put one Sudoku game in here, so we’ll go with OpenSudoku – which lives up to its open tag thanks to letting users install packs of new puzzles generated by Sudoku makers. It’s entirely possible you could use this to play new Sudoku puzzles for the rest of your life, if that’s not too terrifying a thought.

14. Brain Genius Deluxe

Let Brain Genius take you through a daily dose of teasing and original brain exercises!Train your brain, with 24 touch & motion-controlled games as well as bonus puzzles including Sudoku!

15. Cestos Full

Battle it out with anyone, anytime, anywhere in one of the first and only multi-player games on Android! Win to gain experience, unlock new features, customize your avatar, and socialize with friends.

16. GalaxIR

A futuristic strategy game with an abstract look, where players micro-manage an attacking alien fleet. Pick a planet, pick an attack point, then hope your troops have the balls to carry it off. There’s not much structure to the game as yet, but that’s what you get when you’re on the bleeding-edge of free, independent Android gaming development.

17. Action Potato

Catch fresh potatoes to make potato stew! Touch pots to jump and catch potatoes thrown from the right side. If they catch a rotten potato, you lose the pot. But if they catches a heart item, a pot comes back.

18. Barrr

Manage your own pirate bar in this cute and quirky game! Serve your pirates beer, give ‘em tattoos or let ‘em rock out on the guitar!

19. Alchemy Classic

There are a few variants on Alchemy out there, each offering a similarly weird experience. You match up elements to create their (vaguely) scientific offspring, so dumping water onto earth makes a swamp, and so on. It’s a brain teaser thing and best played by those who enjoy spending many hours in the company of the process of elimination.

20. Graviturn

Tilt your phone to move the red balls out of the screen while keeping the green balls. Infinite levels from easy to nearly impossible.
Compare your performance with other players after each level (online highscore).

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Top 10 ways Google can boost android tablet sales

Android‘s rise to the top of the smartphone market took longer than a lot of people realise. But the sales for tablets so far paint a grim picture for the short-term. Here’s how Google can turn things around.

1 Cheaper models

price tag

Analysts are agreed: tablets are too expensive for the man in the street right now, who find it hard to justify shelling out a device that mirrors parts. And as long as they remain that way their appeal will remain confined to early adopters.

Android tablets from top-end makers are among the priciest of the lot, and looked an even worse buy when Apple opted to retain the original iPad price point for its second-gen slate.

Granted, there have been cheaper Android slates from the likes of clothes retailer Next. But if Google is serious about challenging Apple it needs to find a way to get a heavyweight like Samsung or HTC to produce an affordable kit.

In short, what’s needed is the Android tablet equivalent of the cut-price HTC Wildfire or PAYG wonder the Magic, both of which bargain blowers arguably did more to boost the spread of Android than any other handsets.

2 Google-branded tablet

Google Nexus S

Looked at from sales alone, Google’s own-branded Nexus Android phones didn’t set the world alight. But to see them as flops would be a grave mistake.

What both handsets, which showcased the Froyo and Gingerbread iterations of the platform, did was set a high standard for third-party manufacturing partners to live up. And in that respect they were both successes – something that’s highlighted by the ever-rising standard of Android phones.

A Google tablet would do the same for Android slates by showing exactly what the search giant expects from them. What’s more, while Google’s decision to break from the industry contract paradigm for the original Nexus One confused customers, the model could work brilliantly for slates. Especially in view of research showing that costly contract deals are what’s really putting people off and that people would rather buy their tablets outright and use them over Wi-Fi.

3 Work closely with Amazon

Amazon Appstore logo

Rumours that Amazon could be planning an Amazon tablet or indeed a family of tablets, have been rife for months now. And according to a lot of analysts it could be the most credible rival to the iPad.

Given the sheer clout Amazon wields in online retailing and the masses of media content it could bring to a platform where it’s a bit lacking, Google would be well advised to keep it onside. That means not inciting a price war with its rival appstore, even though its obviously encroaching on Google’s turf and securing some neat, timed exclusives that make the Android Market look a bit of a poor relation.

And there’s more. Amazon’s robust finances mean it’s also in a position to subsidise the unit price of its tablet and recoup the loss from app and content sales. That means it’s arguably better-placed than any of the other manufacturers to make the credible, cheap Android tablet that the platform needs to go supernova.

4 Boost the range of tablet-optimised apps

android market new

Software support makes or breaks platforms. That’s a truth we hold to be self-evident. So it’s a worry that a year after the first Android tablets landed there are still only 17 apps available at the Android Market that are designed to take advantage of the screen real estate that slates offer.

Compare that to the iPad. Apple’s offering has a whopping 70,000-odd. If Google is to avoid becoming the Sega Saturn of the tablet sphere, it needs to work out a way to catch-up. And fast.

5 And secure some exclusive ones too

After the PlayBook failed to win people over and the HP webOS tablet remaining a cult concern, the tablet market is a two-way battle right now. But it won’t be for too much longer. Especially when Microsoft finally gets its act together to mount a challenge on the market.

Google can set Android tablets apart with apps that are only available on its tablets. It won’t be easy. They’ll have to the break the bank to make it worth devs’ while being locked to Android tablets. But it’ll be worth the outlay to draw in mass-market punters who don’t give two hoots about their OS innovations but could be swayed by some triple A games.

6 LTE support in the US


4G support is notably absent from the iPad 2. Apple could address this omission with the mooted iPad 2+. But we can’t see that happening.

That means that if Google equips its next-gen tablets with LTE for US customers, they’ll have months of being the fastest slates around for browsing the web in one of its key markets. That’s something tangible you can really sell tablets on the back of.

7 Cosy up to BestBuy


One of Apple’s key advantages in the tablet space is that its retail network of Apple stores, all staffed with bright young things well versed in explaining its products to the man on the Clapham Omnibus.

Obviously Google can’t rollout anything comparable quickly. But it can piggyback on other retailers. Not least the Tablet Central area planned for BestBuy stores. For the short-term and busy periods, it needs to send out reps to demo its wares, engage with punters and turn floating voters away from Apple.

8 Wi-Fi only slates

wireless logo

3G support pushes up the cost of tablets – needlessly, given that they’re seemingly in less demand than those with just Wi-Fi. Insisting that entry level models are available in a Wi-Fi only flavour will keep prices down.

Best-selling laptop batteries | Battery Blogs

laptop battery – Wholesale the largest range of Dell Laptop Batteries and Toshiba Laptop Batteries in USA. Carry HP Laptop Batteries, Compaq Laptop Batteries and HP Laptop AC Adapters for over 20,000 different laptops. All our laptop batteries and laptop power adapters are Brand New, Manufacturer Warranty and Customer Service Commitment!

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Asus A32-F3 Laptop Battery
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9 Kybosh fragmentation

android fragmentation

One of the few black marks against of Android’s rise in the smartphone sector has been the painful delays to getting updates out to handsets. Its move to standardise processors is a good start. But it ought to learn its lesson for slates by clamping down on customisations ASAP. Or even, get rid of them altogether. We’re not sure they’ll be much missed…

10 Cut devs a larger slice of tablet app sales

Survey show that developers perceive there’s less chance of getting paid for Android kits than Apple devices It’s not hard to see where they’re coming from. After all, right now iOS enjoys a vastly larger user base of would-be buyers.

That means they need to be guaranteed a reasonable return somehow. And there’s no better way to do that than raising the proportion of the cost price they take home. After all, money talks.

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The laptop’s motherboard was at fault could affect battery life

A reader thinks an error with his motherboard has caused his laptop’s battery to fail – is he covered under his warranty and should Dell replace the battery?

The laptop’s motherboard was at fault – could this affect battery life?

A few weeks ago my daughter’s laptop displayed a message saying that the battery was unable to charge normally. The message also said the battery was reaching the end of its life and suggested buying a replacement Dell laptop battery. I contacted Dell and was advised that the laptop was outside the warranty period and the laptop battery was not covered.

It has been established that the motherboard was at fault and this has been fixed. Dell then said if the problem continued it would replace the motherboard free. I am concerned that this fault caused the much reduced lifetime of the battery.

Adrian Dobson

Dell explained to Mr Dobson that the motherboard problems he had experienced were caused by static building up in the motherboard’s capacitors. Once these were drained, the problem was resolved.

However, Mr Dobson wanted to know if he had a case to force Dell to replace the battery, which was just over a year old. He asked if Dell has a duty to do this, free, because he believes the problem with the motherboard reduced its lifespan.

Asus a33-f3 battery – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $67.76

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While there is legal protection if faulty goods cause damage to other components or property, he would need to prove his case. He won’t find this easy. Laptop batteries are notorious for giving people problems and are often not covered by warranties, or covered for longer than 12 months.

It is hard to say how long a battery should last too, as this depends on how often it is charged and discharged. Some will inexplicably fail within six months; others can last up to five years or more.

He could appeal to Dell to see if the company will consider providing a new laptop battery. The company has said that if the motherboard continues to show problems it would replace this free of charge.

As a goodwill gesture it may consider offering a new battery as well. But if it refuses to do this, Mr Dobson will probably find it difficult to prove that the build-up of static – which is not an inherent fault – reduced the notebook battery life. It will probably cost more to prove this than buying a new battery.

He could try recharging the battery and exhausting it a number of times. This may extend battery life and improve the performance.

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 says a customer should not be out of pocket because they have bought inherently faulty goods. This means that the customer must be in the same position financially as they were before a fault was discovered.

So if one faulty component in a computer damages another, the retailer will be liable to ensure that it repairs or replaces both of these.

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Top 10 most must-have iPad accessories

Top 10 most recommended accessories for your iPad

Just get a new iPad and curious which are the best, most must-have accessories you need get first? Want to protect that beautiful glass display, keep that aluminum back scratch-free, or just keep your battery charged on the go? Well read on for the top 10 most recommended, most must-have iPad accessories to get your started.

Skin cases: Bodyguardz protective skin

Best iPad accessories: Bodyguardz protective skinYou can’t get much lighter than an ultra-strong, ultra-durable protective skin like Bodyguardz for your iPad. If you like the look of your iPad, don’t want the bulk of a regular case, but do want to protect it from scratches and abrasions, then this is the way to go.

Also check out:

  • Case-Mate Gelli Kaleidoscope Case for iPad for protection from minor impact and a lot of color and style.
  • Incipio SILICRYLIC Case for iPad adds shock absorbing, two piece, two color design to the mix.

Flip cases: Marware Eco-Vue

Best iPad cases: Marware Eco-VueThe Marware Eco-Vue is the executive iPad case with all the trimmings. It’s the Cadillac option. Eco-friendly leather exterior meets plush suede interior meets hand-strap and keyboard stand. This is the iPad case for those who mean business or want to look like they do.

  • DODOCase for iPad brings old world style and craftsmanship to your high tech iPad. [$59.95 – DODOCase store link]
  • Griffen Elan Passport Case for iPad adds slots for credit cards, business cards, and a place for your papers. [$47.95 – TiPb store link]

Protective cases: Otterbox Defender

Best iPad accessories: Otterbox DefenderThe Otterbox Defender case is multilayer armor for your iPad. A hard inner shell with clear plastic protection for the screen and Apple Logo is covered by a soft rubber outer shell that covers all the buttons and ports and keeps your iPad safe from impact, abrasion, and incidental weather. It even has a kickstand you can fold up and use as a faceplate for extra protection. It’s pretty only in the bulldog sense of the word but if you need to keep your iPad safe, it’s also your go-to case.

Also check out:

  • Aquapack Waterproof Case for total bath, pool, and beach protection for your iPad.
  • Otterbox Commuter Case gives a good level of protection with less bulk.

Charging cables: SPE Retractable Sync and Charge Cable

Best iPad accessories: SPE Retractable Sync and Charge CableThe SPE Retractable Sync and Charge Cable is just like the standard iPad cable — USB 2.0 on one end, 30-pin dock connector on the other — but can go from 24-inches fully extended down to just 4.5-inches to easily fit in your jacket, bag, purse, or pocket. You can plug it into your WIndows or Mac PC, or into an AC adapter to charge your iPad without worrying about excess cable getting in your way. That makes it especially useful for road warriors, students, and frequent travelers.

Also check out:

  • Apple USB AC Adapter with Sync Cable so you can plug into a wall as well into a PC.
  • Griffin PowerJolt Plus not only lets you plug into your car, but passes through power to a second car adapter.

Stands: Griffin A-Frame for iPad

Top iPad accessories: Griffin A-Frame for iPadThe Griffin A-Frame has high quality, aluminum construction that not only matches your iPad’s good looks but makes it more convenient as well. You can either set it up easel-style to watch movies, look at photos, or follow recipes, or lay it back so it props up your iPad at a more comfortable keyboard angle.

Also check out:

  • Element Case Joule Stand for high end, high polish iPad viewing in landscape or portrait.
  • Twelve South Compass Stand is a versatile, collapsable, low cost option for iPad.

Apple A1079 Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $71.83

Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $61.29

Dell Latitude D630 Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $62.91

Keyboards: Freedom i-Connex Mini

Best iPad accessories: Freedom i-Connex MiniThe iPad has a good virtual, multitouch keyboard but if you want to pound out pages of prose, slave away on spreadsheets, or just get a lot of document work done, you’re going to need some hardware keys. The Freedom i-Connex Mini connects via Bluetooth and gives you that tactile feedback while staying ultra small and ultra portable on the road, in the air, or at the coffee shop.

Also check out:

  • Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is the same keyboard Apple supplies for Macs and MacBooks for those who value consistency.
  • Apple iPad Keyboard Dock is for those who want a wired connection and specialty iPad keys on their board. [$69.00 – Apple store link]

Battery Chargers: Ventev PowerCELL

Best iPad accessories: Ventev PowerCELLSince iPad doesn’t have a removable battery crafty accessory makers have made all sorts of different external battery packs for it, including Ventev PowerCELL. Rather than a case or dongle, the Ventev is a power pack with ports for not only iiPad’s dock cable but also mini and micro USB so you can charge Bluetooth headsets and even other devices. This makes it the perfect universal power solution for travelers.

  • mophie juicepack powerstation is an external battery pack that can charge iPad or just about anything.
  • Hypermac offers a wide range of colors, sizes, and price points.

Headsets: v-moda vibe duo In-Ear Stereo Headset

Best iPad accessories: v-moda vibe duo In-Ear Stereo HeadsetThe v-moda vibe duo cram a huge audio punch into a tiny in-ear package. With amazing clarity, great noise-reduction, and a ton of drive they’re a great compromise for getting high-end quality at lower-end prices. They’ve also got a microphone so you can not only rock, but use them for VoIP calls, recording, and more.

Also check out:

  • Apple In-Ear Headpohones with Remote and Mic are also great quality at a good price and perfect for Apple purists.
  • maximo iMetal Isolation Stereo Headset are for those who don’t want to spend a ton of cash on their headsets but still want a ton of music for their money.

Stereo Bluetooth headset: Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD

Best iPad accessories: Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HDMotorola’s MOTOROKR S9-HD makes a great product better with better audio quality and full 3D immersion. If you like the behind-the-head style of headset, you won’t find better — or more booming! — than the S9-HD.

Also check out:

  • Motorola MOTOROCKR S305 are a great, lower cost alternative that still sound terrific for the price.
  • Jawbone JAMBOX aren’t a headset but they are a fantastic sounding speakerphone that pounds out music like nobody’s business.

Amazing extras: Pogo Sketch Stylus

best iPad accessories: Pogo Sketch stylusSteve Jobs might not think much of the stylus but for artists or just cold climates they can let you do everything from painting fantastic works of art to staying iPad-functional with your arctic mittens on. Pogo Sketch comes in pink or silver, is light weight, and has a handy clip to keep it from getting lost.

Also check out:

  • Apple iPad Camera Kit lets you plug in an SD card from your digital camera, or your digital camera itself via USB and download your pics to your iPad.
  • HP e-All-in-One Printer is cheap and AirPrint compatible so you can take your digital iPad docs and photos and put them in ink and paper.

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How To Choose A Replacement Laptop Battery

laptop battery serviceWe at Smart Parts have been receiving a number of questions from our customers asking to explain how to choose, use and equip new laptop batteries. Thusly, we have decided to start the series of articles dedicated to battery buying and conditioning in order to help our clients gain maximum knowledge about this topic.

To begin with, it is important to understand that a notebook battery probably makes the most essential component of a laptop. As a matter of fact, the battery is the only thing that distinguishes a laptop from a desktop, as the latter needs to be connected to a power source constantly, while the very term “laptop” was coined to represent a portable computer, the one that could be operated by putting it on one’s lap. Many laptop owners pride themselves on the number of hours their HP elitebook 8530w battery gives per charge!

Laptops come in a wide variety, and so do their batteries. These batteries are manufactured keeping the laptop model in mind. Therefore while looking for a new battery on our website you can click Batteries on the left-hand menu and then select the battery by picking your laptop’s brand, name, series and model. The Popular Models section suggests a few top picks as with the Dell Inspiron 1545 battery. is the Australia’s quality distributor & wholesaler of Toshiba laptop battery, Dell laptop battery, HP laptop battery, Olympus camera battery, Canon camcorder battery, Makita power tools battery, Dewalt power tools battery, Canon battery charger. All our batteries, laptop adapters are Australia Stock, Manufacturer Warranty, 100% secure shopping Guarantee and 100% brand new with 1 year warranty!
Our Advantages: High Quality + Low Price + Fast Delivery

Our company is registered as a battery producer with the Environment Agency. Batteries Producer Registration Number (BPRN) Producer Number is: BPRN01296.

Toshiba pa3672u-1brs laptop battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 14.4 V
only AU $69.56

Dell inspiron b120 laptop battery – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $61.66

discount laptop batteries

The alternative way of searching is to look for the part number written on the back of your old battery and type it in the search box in the top-right corner of the page. Or you can enter the model of your laptop.

After you have bought your brand-new battery, it is very important to learn a few tips by which you may extend the battery life, and continue to use your laptop happily for a little bit longer, before having to buy a new one.

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