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How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries

r banner2 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteriesLaptops, personal computers, televisions and many more goods and services that do not exist today will most probably be around in the coming years at a great quality and high end performance. Brands like dell have been around for many years and they are actually a great example to those that invest large sums to improve their designs. What such companies view as highly important are the quality and performance of the internal parts of gadgets and the design of them. In other words how they look is very important too.

Laptops are one of the most important gadgets of Dell and may other companies and they actually possess a large part of the market share. This is a great indicator of their quality and goodness of their laptop batteries. Since laptops are one of the most widely used gadgets various designs with various specifications and features get designed. What many people search for is a laptop that is suitable for their budget, expectations and needs. As long as a laptop has these qualities that they will definitely purchases.

Along with these a laptop should have a good battery life that will last for at least 3 hours. Since they are very widely used by businessmen, such people would not want to waste even a second of their lives and they would like to be able to use their laptops while travelling, while on holiday and in many situations where there are no power supplies available. What Dell has done is absolutely perfect since they have flourished their laptops with a great notebook battery.

Dell laptop battery is a great one since it lasts for at least 3 hours and it provides a good quality experience to its users. Also considering the price of the laptops, Dell is actually one of the greatest one of all. If you have already got a Dell laptop and in need for a Dell laptop computer battery, what you can do is very simple. Just go on internet and search for the exact battery that is suitable and you will find everything you need to get going.

Are you a Dell laptop owner and in need for a Dell Inspiron Laptop Battery. Then visit the following web sites to find what you need:
discount laptop batteries How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries

Dell Laptop Batteries
dell019 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries
Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 67.66
1510 2 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries
Dell Vostro 1520 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 71.95
dell029 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries
Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 69.29
dell024 2 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries
Dell D620 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 6600 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 83.18
m1530 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries
Dell XPS M1530 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 69.04
dell024 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries
Dell PC764 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 67.91

Laptop Battery Care Tips

20 Ways To Extend Your Laptop Battery Life
Sunday, Oct 10, 2010 by Quality Battery Supplier
3442 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries

Mobile computing has got better with lighter components, better chips and faster processors. But the Achilles heel of a laptop has remained its battery. So here are we are going to look at ways to increase notebook battery life.

How to Find Laptop Battery, Camera Battery Coupons
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by laptop battery shop
1510 2 How to go for high end performance dell laptop batteries

Anyone who buys batteries on a regular basis knows how costly they can be. But there are many ways to save money on them. Perhaps the best way is by using coupons.

Laptop battery and ac adapter issues troubleshooting guide

How to Maximize Dell Laptop Battery Life

5 Common Problems with Laptop Batteries

Useful laptop battery troubleshooting tips

Laptop Battery Care Tips for Long-Lasting running time

How to select the right laptop battery and laptop ac adapter


HP Touchpad – Looks Like An Oversized iPhone 3GS

HP‘s first tablet running Palm’s WebOS software is launching tomorrow, hoping to give Apple‘s iPad a run for its money.

It’s the same price as the iPad ($499.99 for the 16GB version, and $599.99 for the 32GB version), but for now, TouchPads only have Wi-Fi built in.

We got our hands on the TouchPad for the first time today, and we’ve taken some huge pictures of it, many of which include an iPad as a point of comparison.

Say hello to the HP TouchPad hitting store shelves tomorrow.

say hello to the hp touchpad hitting store shelves tomorrow HP Touchpad   Looks Like An Oversized iPhone 3GS

It runs WebOS 3.0, the newest version of Palm’s mobile operating system software.

it runs webos 30 the newest version of palms mobile operating system software HP Touchpad   Looks Like An Oversized iPhone 3GS

Keep your eyes peeled for our full review next week, but here are some initial impressions thus far:

  • When we turned on the device, it took us about 10 minutes to get it to connect to our Wi-Fi network. Once we did, it took another 5 minutes for our WebOS registration to go through.
  • The screen looks great, but the TouchPad isn’t ultra responsive. Even with only a couple apps open, there was noticeable lag.

  • WebOS 3.0 is wonderful. Messaging, notifications, and Synergy (bringing in Google and Facebook integration) are all a huge breath of fresh air.
  • The TouchPad hardware feels a year old. It’s the same size as the original iPad, and it doesn’t feel as fast as the original iPad.
  • Typing is tough because auto-correct is poor, double tapping the space bar to insert a period doesn’t work, and apostrophes aren’t added to words like “don’t.”
  • YouTube (Flash content) videos play inline as if you were watching them on your computer
  • We really want to like the TouchPad, but it’s less than impressive thus far. Check out the full review next week.

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Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now

The world of mobile tends to go into a prolonged summer snooze after the endless announcements of Mobile World Congress and the rush to best those phones quickly in the following months. But that’s not to say there aren’t stacks of amazing new blowers set for release later this year. Here’s our Top 10 to look forward to now.

1 iPhone 4S/5

iphone 5 placeholder 520x300x24 fill Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now

Apple’s new blower looks a dead cert for September, when the Cupertino company usually shows off its new iPod range. With the next-gen phone missing from WWDC, rumours are still rife about what we can expect. A four-inch screen? NFC tech? An eight megapixel camera? All are plausible.

As for the name, expect it to be dubbed the iPhone 4S as Apple looks to 2012 for a major revamp.

2 HTC Sensation

htc sensation 520x300x24 fill Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now

The Sensation has just hit shelves, after garnering some serious hype since launching a couple of months back. With a stunning 4.3-inch screen, lightning fast 1.2GHz processor and 1080p video skills, it looks as if it’s going to be the phone to beat in 2011.

The only issue is whether HTC can get future versions of Android to work on it.

3 HP Pre 3

hp pre 3 520x300x24 fill Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now

The third iteration of the stunning, but low-selling Pre is almost here, pegged for release at the start of July. HP revealed the device back in February, with a similar design to its predecessors, but with improved internals. There’s a super-fast 1.4Ghz processor, five megapixel camera and the excellent webOS under the hood.

4 HP Veer

hp veer 520x300x24 fill Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now

The smaller HP Veer is also about to debut on these shores after its initial US rollout last month. This tiny smartphone uses the same webOS as the Pre 3, but comes with a slightly slower version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, 8GB of storage and measures just 54.5x84x15.1mm.

5 Google Nexus 3

Still only a rumour, but one which is likely to materialise in the last quarter of the year. Being Google’s own handset, it’ll come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, a screen that’ll be capable of HD Ready video playback and even 1080p video recording. There’s no word on who will be making the device for Google though, although LG has been mooted.

6 Motorola Milestone 3

motorola milestone 3 520x300x24 fill Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now!

Apparently not coming to the UK, but the Milestone 3 has been officially revealed. It has a huge four-inch screen and a five-line QWERTY, so tapping out numbers is far easier than on older versions. There’s a dual-core processor and it comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread inside.

7 Motorola Pro

motorola pro 520x300x24 fill Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now

The UK version of the US’s Droid Pro is coming out next month. It has a full QWERTY keyboard aimed at business types, a five megapixel camera and 8GB of storage. However, it only comes with Android 2.2, meaning you’ll miss out on the very latest Google smartphone features.

8 BlackBerry Bold 9900

blackberry bold 9900 520x300x24 fill Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now

Hitting Three in August, the Bold 9900 is BlackBerry’s latest attempt to claw back some of the ground it has lost in the professional space. With its trusty keyboard, 1.2GHZ processor and super-slim 10.5mm frame, it promises to be one for email fanatics everywhere.

9 Nokia Windows Phone W8

nokia windows phone 7 2 520x300x24 fill Top 10 mobile phones to look forward to now

One of two Nokia Windows Phones expected later this year. Word is that it will mimic the Nokia N8 in terms of the hardware, with an aluminium finish and 12 megapixel camera. Windows Phone Mango will be on board this device, which will be do-or-die for Nokia.

10 Nokia Windows Phone W7

Mobile watcher Eldar Murtazin says this will be the first Nokia Windows Phone to be released. It takes its cues from the beautifully designed Nokia X7, with an 8 megapixel camera and Qualcomm chip.

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Top 4 Great Android Devices For Father’s Day

Does Dad need to ditch his dinosaur of a cell phone? Or maybe he just deserves more than a tie this Father’s Day? Here are four great Android devices that any father would want.

Samsung Infuse 4G – $199 with contract

samsun infuse 1 Top 4 Great Android Devices For Fathers Day

The Infuse 4G from AT&T is known as the nation’s thinnest smartphone. Its easy to cary design, great call quality, large display and long battery life make it the perfect gift for the dad on-the-go. Tech-savvy dads will enjoy its 1.2 GHz high speed processor, Android 2.2, and 8.0 rear megapixel camera.

HTC EVO 3D – $179 with contract

htcevo3d 1 Top 4 Great Android Devices For Fathers Day

Help Dad impress his co-workers with this new 3D phone. Not only can the HTC EVO 3D capture and display 3D content, it’s a very fast and comes pre-loaded with the Blockbuster On Demand mobile app. It also features an extra 5.0 megapixel camera for 2D pictures, just in case you’re not in the 3D picture taking mood.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G – $129 with contract

samsung galaxy s large Top 4 Great Android Devices For Fathers Day

Does Dad like to read? The Galaxy S 4G comes equipped with Amazon Kindle reader, but thats not all it does! It’s pre-loaded with tons of Samsung and T-Mobile apps like Amazon MP3, Facebook and ThinkFree office. It’s also a high-quality fast compact smartphone that runs on T-Mobile’s 4G network.

Motorola XOOM – $599 with contract

Motorola Xoom Top 4 Great Android Devices For Fathers Day

Looking for a great tablet that isn’t the iPad 2? The Motorola XOOM is a large 10.1-inch HD widescreen tablet with slim design. It runs the latest and best hardware, features tons of great wireless and entertainment options. Perfect for tablet beginners or pros.

Tags: Android Devices, Android, Android Phones, Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS Laptop Battery, HP Pavilion DV2000 Battery, Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Battery, Acer Aspire 5920 Battery, Asus A32-F3 Laptop Battery

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Useful laptop battery troubleshooting tips

If you are having trouble with your laptop battery because it will not charge, it is not necessarily time to buy a new battery yet. There are several reasons behind why this could be happening, and here you will learn useful laptop battery troubleshooting when you battery refuses to charge. Before you begin troubleshooting your notebook computer, make sure the outlet is not the problem. Try a few outlets to see if the problem still exists. If so, continue on to these laptop battery troubleshooting tips.

batteries  300x225 Useful laptop battery troubleshooting tips is the Australia’s quality distributor & wholesaler of Toshiba laptop batteries, Dell laptop batteries, HP laptop batteries, Olympus camera batteries, Canon camcorder batteries, Makita power tools batteries, Dewalt power tools batteries, Canon battery chargers. All our batteries, laptop adapters are Australia Stock, Manufacturer Warranty, 100% secure shopping Guarantee and 100% brand new with 1 year warranty!
Our Advantages: High Quality + Low Price + Fast Delivery

Our company is registered as a battery producer with the Environment Agency. Batteries Producer Registration Number (BPRN) Producer Number is: BPRN01296.

discount laptop batteries Useful laptop battery troubleshooting tips

Is the battery defective? If the computer turns on with the second laptop power adaptor, you know this is not the cause of the problem. Replace the Dell Latitude D500 Series Battery and see if the problem is resolved.

Is it a software-related issue? If a replaced battery does not solve your problem, the next notebook battery troubleshooting tip is to explore the possibility that the software is malfunctioning. If the Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop Battery status is not being displayed correctly, the software could be causing the problem rather than the TOSHIBA Satellite A200-180  Battery.

Is there a “hiccup” in the system? To power reset the system, or ensure that the motherboard is denied all power, unplug the machine and remove the TOSHIBA PA3284U-1BAS Battery. Hold down the power button for a full minute. Next, reattach the battery and AC adapter and attempt to restart the computer again.

Does the laptop need to be recalibrated? When a new laptop battery is installed, it may fail to charge to a full 100% anymore. If your TOSHIBA PA3356U-1BAS Batterystops charging itself at about 97%, you need this laptop battery troubleshooting tip. Begin the recalibration process by preventing the computer from going to sleep when the battery is low. If your operating system is XP, go to the Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options and set the power scheme to “Always On.”

  • Where it says “Alarms,” uncheck the boxes by “Critical battery alarm” and “Low battery alarm.”
  • Where it says “Hibernate,” uncheck the box by “Enable hibernation.”
  • When finished, click “Apply.”

Now the computer can fully drain the battery and when you charge it again, it should reach 100%. It may take two or three times to completely reach 100%.

Tagcloud: laptop battery troubleshooting guide, laptop batteries, laptop ac adapters, Battery Care Tips, HP 443885-001 Battery, Acer BATBL50L6 Battery, HP Pavilion dv4 Series Laptop Battery

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Top Two New Must-Have Laptop Accessories

Good laptop accessories are stuff that can completely change the mobile computing experience. That’s why were are always on the lookout for new and interesting add-ons for your laptop. So today we bring you two new accessories that will definitely help you get the most out of your laptop.

Almost all netbooks that are in use today have heating problems. That is not to say that they overheat but the heat is definitely enough for me to keep the laptop away from my skin lest it should get burned! This is a problem that is most commonly associated with the times when the computer is being used for processor heavy tasks such as gaming or video rendering, etc.

The high speed of modern processors and internal GPUs give off a lot of heat which results in a considerable rise in the temperature of the whole machine. Sadly enough, the generation of heat also slows down speed of the machine. As a result, one may even experience problems in viewing high quality graphics and this can be quite a bother when playing games on a notebook. One way one can avoid such a situation is by using a notebook cooler.

Cooler Master NotePal Infinite EVO 1 300x125 Top Two New Must Have Laptop Accessories

Cooler Master has recently introduced a new notebook cooling product called the NotePal Infinite Evo. It helps in bringing down the temperature of notebooks using the pair of fans that generate cool air that is let out through slots on the top of the device. The air cools down the bottom of the notebook. Each of the two in-built fans measure around 80mm and the device is capable of cooling notebooks that measure up to 17-inches — meaning it can cool most of the largest of mobile computing behemoths out there. To serve as an icing on the cake, the cooling device also allows the screen of the notebook to be lifted in order to offer a more comfortable viewing angle to the user. The NotePal Infinite Evo is connected to notebooks through a USB port and comes with a three-port USB hub on its side so that the user doesn’t need to compromise on the already scanty available ports on the notebook in order to accommodate the cooler. More importantly, at £30 the Evo is quite a reasonable buy.

Toshiba pa3399u-2brs laptop battery brand new 4400mAh Only AU $61.68

Toshiba pa3534u-1brs laptop battery brand new 4400mAh Only AU $62.07

Acer Aspire 6930 laptop battery – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $65.29

It’s not just Cooler Master that has come up with a cool add-on for laptops. Recently, even Altec Lansing has come out with its latest device – the Orbit USB Stereo speakers that work on notebooks. These speakers can be connected to the notebook using the notebook’s USB port and this is the connection through which the speakers receive their power supply. To make portability easier, the speakers can attach to form a singular unit that makes carrying these around a lot simpler. When they are attached to one another, the cord of the speakers gets contained within the unit. The expected price of the speakers is also £30.

altecorbit Top Two New Must Have Laptop Accessories

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Top 5 More Handy Web Apps to Save You Time at Work

Web apps are a friend to all who mash the keyboard from nine to five. They live in the cloud, are accessible from any Internet connection and are great for chopping those mundane work tasks off at the knees.

We’ve previously highlighted a batch of Web apps that reduce the headaches and keystrokes associated with common tech chores, and after receiving some great feedback from readers, we thought it only right to hunt down a few more worthy bookmarkables.

See below for five more picks, and remember to leave your own time-saving Web ditties in the comments.

1. PrintFriendly

print friendly 640 Top 5 More Handy Web Apps to Save You Time at Work

While we all strive to live in a paperless world, sometimes you’ve just got to ruthlessly murder some innocent trees. Does that make you a bad person? Probably.

The next time you need to print something from the Web, stop over at PrintFriendly first. It’s a ridiculously simple way to distill nearly any Web content down to a clean, ad-free document suitable for paper. And the best part? You can also generate beautiful PDFs that retain links and other formatting.

Goodbye, extra pages that are mostly empty space except for one banner ad and a URL at the bottom!

2. Vector Magic

vector magic 640 Top 5 More Handy Web Apps to Save You Time at Work

Imagine this crazy scenario: The boss needs you to print up event flyers, but all she has is a tiny 100 pixel logo from the corporate website. (I warned you this was going to get crazy.)

Resizing this graphic with standard imaging software will render it pixelated and unprofessional. What you need is a vector asset—a mathematical representation of the logo that a graphic designer would use to scale the image at any size without sacrificing quality.

Vector Magic is a remarkable little app that translates standard Web images (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.) into scalable vector art. We gave it a shot with’s logo, and the results were impressive and crisp. Mileage may vary depending on the complexity of the image, but even small, multicolored icons made great vectors in our testing. Photographs might get dicey, but it’s worth a shot.

Vector Magic packs a bit too much power to be totally free, but you get the first two vectors on the house, and a basic account is only $7.95 per month for unlimited use—well worth it, especially if you’re making a lot of PowerPoint presentations or laptop battery shop.

3. Dummy Image

dummy image 640 Top 5 More Handy Web Apps to Save You Time at Work

Speaking of images, are you ever building a presentation or website and find yourself in need of a visual placeholder? You you’ve got a killer stock handshake photo coming, but right now you’re just getting your layout down, and the measurements need to be precise.

You could fire up ol’ MS Paint, slice out a 600 by 300 pixel box, color it red, save it to your computer, open PowerPoint, import the image, what did I name the image?, I swear I just saved the image, is it in My Pictures?, I can’t find the image, seriously where is this thing, restart MS Paint, ad infinitum.

Or, you could snag Dummy Image from your bookmarks bar, type in your dimensions and drag the graphic onto your slide.

I think we’re done here.

4. SimplyNoise

simplynoise 640 Top 5 More Handy Web Apps to Save You Time at Work

Let’s face it: Your coworkers are annoying and their incessant chatter makes it hard to focus on anything but cat pictures. Sure, Keith from accounting is a nice guy, but enough about Idol already, you’re a grown man for God’s sake.

We kindly recommend SimplyNoise, a white noise generator you can fire up with one click, should the office get rowdy during crunch time. In actuality, the app can generate three different kinds of static noise: white, pink, and brown. If you’re looking for warmer, less grating frequencies (like those found in a waterfall or an ocean), go with brown. The app even remembers your volume preferences.

Headphones sold separately.


If you’ve ever provided tech support over the phone to a coworker (or a friend or family member, for that matter), you’ve probably already killed yourself, so no need to read any further.

If you are alive, and foresee this being an issue in the future, you’ve got to check out It’s a dead-simple way to share screencasts with a tech-troubled colleague.

There’s no account to create, but you’ll need to provide your e-mail address so the app can share confirmations with you. Send a link to your coworker where he can record up to five minutes of his on-screen troubles. When he hits “stop,” the app uploads and processes the video, and shoots a private URL back to you. View the screencast almost instantly, diagnose the problem (likely that the printer was not, in fact, plugged in), and be heralded as office hero. The videos are lightweight, smooth and expire after a week.

Considering how frustrating it can be to reliably capture on-screen video for other purposes, the ease of this Web-based solution is pretty refreshing HZ9SD6KZHETV.

If you aren’t fist pumping at your desk right now over these life-changing websites, there’s probably little hope for you. Did we miss one that you can’t get through the day without? Share and share alike in the comments below.

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Can Mango really power Windows Phone to the top?

Windows Phone’s 7.1 Mango update has dominated headlines this week. And rightly so. The updates make the already excellent mobile OS even more appealing, with brilliant advances in terms of Bing search, improved live information delivered to the homescreen and full-on Twitter support.

And that’s before we even get to the belated announcement of Windows Phone Marketplace’s arrival online, offering punters the chance to buy and sync apps on the web as well as on their phones.

mango official batteries  Can Mango really power Windows Phone to the top?

But while on paper, and in the flesh, these updates are undoubtedly impressive, Microsoft still has some big work to do to get itself to the top. New partners, in the form of Acer, ZTE and Fujitsu will help globally, if not in he vital US and European markets. But there has to be a question about why this update isn’t being released until autumn.

There is some logic behind the move. Microsoft wants to ensure devs have the chance to bring the new features to existing and future apps, hence they’ve released the SDK now. And trailing operating systems is nothing new: Google did it with Ice Cream Sandwich at I/O earlier this month and Apple will do the same with iOS 5 in the next fortnight.

However, the fear is that Microsoft will take three months to get it ready for devices, only for manufacturers and networks to take their own sweet time testing it and getting it out into the wild. This has already happened with the Big M’s previous Windows Phone update, causing much embarrassment and awkward headlines for the Redmond batteries company.

mango phone 520x300x24 fill Can Mango really power Windows Phone to the top?

On top of this, Microsoft will be releasing its Windows Phone update around the same time that Apple updates current iPhones with iOS 5 and rolls out the sequel to its best-selling blower. Just a few weeks later, Ice Cream Sandwich will land on Nexus phones, with new Android hardware doubtless not far behind.

This is tough on Microsoft. Rush the release and risk getting it wrong. Hold it back and they’ll have to go mano-o-mano with the biggest players in the smartphone space. Of course, its Nokia Windows Phones will cause some buzz and generate sales. But will they be anywhere approaching the volume it needs to start pushing up analysts’ smartphone charts?

It’s highly unlikely, especially as Google and Apple look to redouble their efforts in the run up to Christmas. Mango looks the part, just as the first version of Windows Phone 7 did. But there has to be the fear that this will remain, for the time being at least, a niche concern for discerning mobile users.

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Which is the best tablet pc for you

tablet pc batteries  Which is the best tablet pc for youLooking back in time, there effectively were no consumer tablets in the beginning of 2010. Sure, Microsoft had Tablet PCs for nearly a decade prior, but these were heavy, had relatively short battery life and suffered from a desktop operating system that wasn’t optimized for mobile use. It was Apple’s original iPad, debuting on store shelves in April of 2010, that kicked off the current tablet frenzy. Since then, companies have jumped into this hot market, hoping to score some of the estimated 53.5 million tablet sales that research firm IDC expects this year alone.

Tablet market recap: how did we get here?

It took time for iPad competitors to appear, however, as Research In Motion, HP, Samsung and many others scrambled to create or use new mobile operating system for such devices. At the Consumer Electronics Show this past January, a full eight months after the first iPad arrived, a slew of Google Android tablets were shown off, and I had my first hands-on experiences with RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook. And just last week, HP launched its TouchPad with the webOS system. Of course, while all this tablet activity happened in the first half of 2011, Apple improved the iPad with a successor device that’s even faster than the original, has two cameras and can stream media to HDTVs.

Fast-forward to present day, and now there are a number of tablet choices that simply didn’t exist 14 months ago. It can be overwhelming to pick and choose, because each tablet platform and device has certain pros and cons, even as most have $499 starting prices. I’m in the unique position of having at least one tablet from each platform in hand right now. After using them all in the past few weeks and months, I can’t tell you which tablet is the best for you, mainly because everyone has different needs. But my hands-on usage of these devices can offer insights as to which have standout features and which still face challenges that might not be acceptable to you.

Apple iPad: best all-arounder

 Which is the best tablet pc for youThe iPad has the advantage of successful “first mover” status, so when many consumers think tablet, they think iPad. And why not? Apple prepared users for the iPad by honing the iOS operating system since 2007. Put another way: If you know how to use an iPhone or iPod touch, then you already know how to use an iPad; there’s no learning curve involved. Aside from the ease of use, the iPad has not only the most apps available to it, but it has all of what I’d call “top-tier” titles. I’d be hard-pressed to think of a killer app from another platform that doesn’t already exist for the iPad.

Apple’s iPad has also provided the widest array of media options for the longest time. iTunes natively has support for major music labels as well as many movie studios and TV content providers. Where it falls short in these areas. it makes up for in the apps: Netflix and Hulu Plus, for example, add content Apple has no license to provide, and these types of apps have been slow to appear on other mobile platforms. Add in simple media streaming to an AppleTV through the AirPlay function, and the iPad makes for a great media solution over competitors.

While there’s much to like. and the iPad is a known commodity with great application support, it’s not for everyone, nor for every situation. Earlier this year, I found I preferred to carry a smaller tablet outside the home and I dumped my iPad for that reason. I later picked up an iPad 2, but my use cases for it are limited to around the house: in bed, on the couch or at the kitchen table. Many consumers tote their iPad all the time,o58itf and while you can take it anywhere, it’s not as easy to use everywhere as a smaller device is. People looking for more portability might consider a 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, or HTC Flyer, for example.

Apple’s iOS has also had a few gaps by comparison, perhaps the most notable being the annoying notification system. That’s due to change when iOS 5 arrives in September, bringing a host of other new features that look appealing as well. If you want a large but lightweight tablet that offers a rock-solid experience and the widest array of applications, the iPad should be at the top of the list. Folks that prefer smaller tablets, need Adobe Flash support or want to customize the experience more by tinkering might consider another option.

iPad Pros: Widest selection of apps, media and accessories; solid user experience; overall stability; great performance.
iPad Cons: Lacking features desirable to some: widgets; unobtrusive notifications; variety of customization options.

BlackBerry PlayBook: Flash monster, but where’s the email?

Research In Motion took a bold step by not using their existing BlackBerry operating system for the PlayBook tablet, but it was the right call. BlackBerry OS hasn’t evolved to effectively compete against newer platforms such as iOS and Android, nor has it offered a solid web-browsing experience by comparison. Instead, the 7-inch PlayBook uses the QNX operating system, which brings many superb features, such as excellent multitasking and solid support for Flash. I also like the fast browser, excellent speakers and the gestures used to navigate the tablet’s interface as well as to wake it up from sleep mode.

 Which is the best tablet pc for youThird-party applications have been slow to appear for the PlayBook, so once you get through the basics, the software store shelves get a little bare. This is one of the two most limiting factors to the overall sales success of the PlayBook; the other is how it handles email. The PlayBook shipped without a native email client, leaving me to fend for myself with using mail in the browser. That solution works, but requires constant checking and refreshing of the browser; there’s no way for the tablet to notify me when new email arrives. If you have a compatible BlackBerry handset, however, the PlayBook can use the phone’s email client in a bridge mode.

I personally like the 7-inch form factor of a tablet, so the PlayBook fits the bill for me in that regard. It plays Flash and other videos extremely well, and can do so while other applications are running alongside. But those videos will be limited: You won’t yet find Netflix here, for example. And that points to the software situation, which is limited. Enterprises that are BlackBerry-centric will gain more value from the PlayBook than most consumers will, although a limited number of individuals are enjoying their PlayBook purchase. They’re likely making compromises however: Not minding the necessity of pairing a handset with the tablet for email, and living without a vast array of third-party apps and media options by comparison. If you can deal with the same limitations, the BlackBerry is a portable, powerful performer and will improve when RIM releases the native email client.

PlayBook Pros: Great multitasking, Flash support, good security
PlayBook Cons: Few apps, no native email without a BlackBerry handset

HP TouchPad: a promising starter if you can wait for apps

HP’s TouchPad is the newest of the bunch, but its roots harken back to January 2009. It was then that Palm introduced its new webOS platform and the first smartphone, the Palm Pre, to run it. HP bought Palm for $1.2 billion in April 2010 and retooled the operating system not just for smartphones, but for tablets too. The HP TouchPad is very iPad-like in looks (it uses the same 9.7-inch display), packaging and components, but once powered on, it’s easy to see the different user interface approach webOS takes.

 Which is the best tablet pc for youTo a large degree, the TouchPad faces the same challenge as RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook; namely, a small number of third-party applications. So, it’s important that HP has the basics right, and in my usage, I’d say it’s mostly successful. Browsing is excellent, and the email experience is arguably second only to that of Google’s. Multitasking is effective and similar to that on the PlayBook. Other fine touches include Synergy, which bundles contact information from a number of sources and a solid Messaging system that integrates Skype video, Google Talk and other platforms into a single app. The webOS notification system may be the best of the bunch, and a unique sliding pane view of email is handy.

HP has built a very solid tablet framework although performance isn’t yet consistent, as applications can lag at times. The company expects to address that and other open issues with a software update, even as it entices developers to build third-party applications for the TouchPad. The webOS platform shows great promise in this area: It may have the best Facebook app on any tablet, for example. I showed it off in a recent video because it has all the standard Facebook functions but also provides a unique magazine-style view of your Facebook news feed. Among all of the new tablet contenders to the iPad’s reign, I think the TouchPad shows the most promise for these reasons. If you’re willing to take a chance and wait for HP and developers to tune the TouchPad and supporting apps, HP’s new tablet is well worth the look.

TouchPad Pros: Possibly the best multitasking and notifications. Basics are well done. Wireless charging.
TouchPad Cons: Very new, so a work in progress. Few apps, media choices. 

Google Android tablets: too much choice isn’t always good

 Which is the best tablet pc for youThere isn’t just one Android tablet, which is both good and bad. By allowing hardware manufacturers to use Android how they see fit, consumers have a wide range of tablet choices with sizes ranging from 7 inches to 10.1 inches. Some Android tablets have 3-D cameras, while others don’t; the same can be said of USB ports, memory card slots, and full keyboard docks. But Android tablets from Motorola, Samsung, LG, Acer, Asus and others share one commonality: They all run on Google’s Honeycomb operating system.

Although Honeycomb was the first tablet platform to follow Apple’s iPad, it actually appears to need the most work yet. No matter which Honeycomb tablet I use, I still see stability issues in the form of software crashes or applications that don’t properly scale up. Stability is less of an issue with Android 3.1, but the third-party application situation hasn’t noticeably improved in a meaningful way. For some reason, software developers aren’t rushing to build or port apps for Google tablets. Simply put: Honeycomb felt rushed to me when I first used it in February, and it hasn’t fully matured yet.

It’s not all bad, however. Users of Gmail, Google Talk video calling and Google Maps will find much to like. These services run well on Android tablets — better than on other platforms, where they’re available. This is part of the reason I switched to a Google Android smartphone last year. Google Music shows promise, as does Google Video for movie rentals and purchases. And although not as flashy as competitors, Android’s multitasking is effective.

 Which is the best tablet pc for youBut more than any other tablets available today, those running Honeycomb appear most like a poor imitation of Apple’s iPad. It’s as if Google is trying to enable all the same features and functions, but falling short in the user experience: a common complaint of Android in general, although I believe the platform has greatly improved over time. I actually prefer the Gingerbread experience — created for smartphones — on my small Galaxy Tab over any of the Honeycomb tablets I’ve used, and I’ve used a few, ranging from the Motorola Xoom to the budget-friendly Acer Iconia Tag A500, plus some in-between.

Early adopters of Android smartphones have seen this before with the platform, and may be apt to ride out the situation as Android tablets improve. But other consumers may be hard-pressed to deal with Android’s current nuances, issues and lack of software. If you like the ability to hack around in Android and don’t mind software crashes, or if you’re a heavy user of Google services and are willing to wait for platform improvements, you have a number of Android tablets to choose from.

Android Pros: Excellent Google service integration; wide range of hardware options and tablet sizes.
Android Cons: Stability isn’t perfect; app selection is lacking; limited but growing number of media services.

The best tablet is the one that meets your needs

As a secondary device, it’s likely most people don’t even need a tablet. Smartphones, netbooks and notebooks can easily suffice for mobile computing needs. But tablets have their strengths too, offering a personal, more immersive touchscreen experience in many situations. Those situations vary, as do all our individual preferences and requirements for a tablet device. That’s why there’s no “best” tablet I can recommend for everyone. Each has something unique to offer, while all of them are likely to improve over time.

Most are made with similar — if not the same — hardware components too, so that places a greater emphasis on the user experience, software and ecosystem. For many consumers, Apple’s iPad brings the total package like no other tablet, as evidenced by sales figures. But the young tablet market offers something for everyone, and that means you can pick and choose which suits you best; something you couldn’t do before this year.

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Tiny Capsules Can Heal Worn-Out Batteries

discount laptop battery Tiny Capsules Can Heal Worn Out BatteriesWASHINGTON — A newly created lithium-ion battery that can heal itself may improve the life span and safety of today’s energy-storage technologies, researchers report.

sciencenews Tiny Capsules Can Heal Worn Out BatteriesRechargeable lithium-ion batteries power cell phones, laptops and other portable electronics. But, like any batteries, they tend to break down over time.

“There are many different types of degradation that happen, and fixing this degradation could help us make longer-lasting laptop batteries,” said Scott White, a materials engineer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who reported the details of the battery Feb. 20 at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

One site of damage is the anode, a battery’s negatively charged terminal. As a Dell Latitude D620 Battery charges and discharges, the anode swells and shrinks. Over time, this cycling causes damage, creating cracks that can interfere with the flow of current and, ultimately, kill the Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS Battery .

To counteract this cracking, White embedded tiny microspheres inside the graphite of an anode. As cracks formed in the anode, they tore open the plastic shells, releasing the contents within: a material called indium gallium arsenide. This liquid metal alloy seeped out of the spheres and filled the cracks in the anode, restoring the flow of electricity.

Damage to a battery — or a short circuit between its components — can cause problems other than a shorter life span. Out-of-control electrical currents have been known to create hot spots that grow into a raging fire.

“It’s not a common occurrence, but when it happens, the consequences are severe,” White said. Battery fires have prompted laptop recalls by Dell and Hewlett-Packard, and the U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed stricter rules for cargo planes that transport large quantities of lithium-ion HP laptop batteries.

To safeguard against this type of failure, White developed a second kind of microsphere made of solid polyethylene, an inexpensive and widely available plastic. A small quantity of these spheres embedded in the anode and other battery components can function as a safety cutoff switch. If the temperature inside the Fujitsu lifebook n6210 battery rises above 105° Celsius, the spheres melt into a thin layer of insulating material that shuts off the flow of electricity, preventing a conflagration.

“We’ve tested this in real batteries,” said White, whose research is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. “It works beautifully.” This safety feature, he said, could be useful for the electric cars emerging on the market.

“Lithium-ion batteries will continue to be the technology used for the next 10 to 15 years in electric cars,” said Kristin Persson of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, who is looking for new battery materials that not only have better energy storage but also avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional batteries. “It will take at least that amount of time to develop new materials.”

micro capsules self healing polymer aagnus andersson Tiny Capsules Can Heal Worn Out Batteries

Images: 1) A scanning electron microscope image of microcapsules used in self-healing polymers. Microcapsules in the center are about 100 microns wide. (Ben Blaiszik/University of Illinois) 2) Tiny plastic microcapsules are the secret to a battery that can heal itself when damaged. (Magnus Andersson/University of Illinois)

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