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Best Free Blogging Websites – Collect by

Wondering What are blog?[plus1 count=”true” size=”standard”][/plus1]

Here is what Wikipedia have to say:

A blog (a portmanteau of the term “web log“) is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics, laptop battery care tips  or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

There are hundreds of free blog hosting websites providing free weblog hosting to you. With the release of WordPress MU more and more free blog hosting provider are involving. Before starting your blog you much choose service that are good and reliable. Here is my list of top free blog hosting websites.


    The best free blog hosting ever. You can get a blog started in less time than it takes you to read this sentence. All you need is an email address. You’ll get your own address (like, you can switch to a custom address later if you’d like), a selection  of great free and customizable designs for your blog (we call them themes), 3 gigabytes of file storage (that’s about 2,500 pictures!).


    The Second best free blog hosting provider. Visit to know all those awesome features provided by Blogger.


    Live Journal – a free service for your diaries and blogs, access to the settings, store photos, publishing tools, templates, styles and community dedicated to any conceivable interest. Visit to know more features.


    Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private. The service emphasizes ease of use.

There are many more free blog hosting websites but the above four services are my favorite and I recommend using them. I had complied a list of other free blog hosting websites for you. Feel free to visit them and let us know about it.  Here we go:
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Top 31 Free Blogging Websites

For anyone interested in blogging, it can be hard to find the one that works for you. You want to go where people can read your blog or maybe you want it where only your family or friends can read it. It took me some time, but I complied what I believe to be the list of the best. If anyone sees one I missed, please feel free to add the blog in your comment, that way you can help me make this the ultimate list of the best blogs.

  1. WordPress ( this one is number one for one main reason, it does not have ads on your blog. You can set up your layout, color scheme, theme and everything just the way you want it. Not only can you install WordPress on your own sites, you can use the same software on their site and save yourself all of the technical work. You do not have to install anything, but you can if you choose to.
  2. Blogger/BlogSpot ( This one is one of most commonly used blogs, linking to others is quite easy and updating it is very user-friendly. You also have the option of deleting comments, which is nice for those who don’t want people advertising on their blogs.
  3. LiveJournal ( Not only is this a great blog, but it a great tool for writers. There are hundreds of groups set up designed to let you join a writing challenge. For anyone who is looking to have their skills as a writer tested, this is the place for you. Customizable theme, avatars, layouts and a few more things you can get if you want to pay for them, but I did that a few years back, not really worth the money.
  4. Vox ( A personal blogging service where people share thoughts, photos, videos with friends and family
  5. BlogSome ( BlogSome is the fastest growing blog host in the world (in percentage terms) Was voted Forbes Best of The Web pick. Based out of Ireland, this site uses the WordPress MU platform, large choice of themes.
  6. Xanga (  This is more community-centric blogging, including Friends lists.
  7.  MySpace ( this is more community-centric blogging, but you get all sorts of layout and backgrounds to play with. There are so many websites dedicated to making backgrounds and goodies for MySpace it is not funny.
  8. Facebook: ( On Facebook, you can have “Notes” which are viewed by your friends. If you want only friends and family to see this, you have the option on Facebook.
  9. Insane Journal ( – Another site based on the same software that runs LiveJournal, offers free and paid accounts, paid benefits are only enhancements.
  10. Journal Fen ( – Runs on the same platform as LiveJournal platform, very much directed towards various topics and is meant for users 18 and older.
  11. BlogABond ( – A site dedicated to travel blogs with map integration and more.
  12. Blog Cheese ( – A video blogging website. Nothing to do with cheese.
  13. Busy Thumbs ( A blog site specifically for your text messages and camera phone images.
  14. FreeVlog (Freevlog) – Designed for video blogging and completely free.
  15. Trippert ( – Create and share blogs of your travels.
  16. Word Count Journal ( – A new blogging format that is also part challenge. Write one word on the first day, two words on the second day and so on, at the end of the year you’ll have written 66,795 words. I have five novels going on here and one more book on religion. This makes writing fun, it also counts your words for you so you don’t write too many.
  17. Blogetery ( – Offers multiple templates, anti-spam, free sub-domain and more. You can also get paid to write there, your profit there is 90%, which is higher than most paid to write blogs. I am a member here and highly recommend it.
  18. EduBlogs ( – WordPress powered blogging for educators and students alike.
  19. Blog ( – Offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for their free package, more benefits for paid members.
  20. Blogr ( – Allows you to blog, host photos & videos, and podcasts.
  21. Blogster ( – Offers free image hosting in addition to free blogs.
  22. Bravenet ( – Free blog hosting with RSS feeds and more.
  23. ClearBlogs ( – Free blog hosting and offers templates, friends only posts, IP-Banning and more.
  24. Multiply ( – Mixes blogging and social networking, with photo galleries and more. There are rumors that this one is about to close, but I have no way of knowing if it is true or not. There is nothing on the website about it closing though.
  25. Netcipia ( – Free blog and wiki for private or public display with 2GB of storage. This one offers revenue as well, check it out for more information.
  26. Open Diary (Open – Offers unlimited storage and posts, low cost subscription rates for advanced features.
  27. ShoutPost ( – A platform for creating blogs with a focus on generating traffic. Ad-free!
  28. Soul Cast ( – Have something you want to talk about, but want to say it anonymously? This may be the blogging site for you. You can also get paid to right here and there are no restrictions on what you say and how you say it.
  29. Tumblr ( – A blog platform with a focus on allowing media-rich posts.
  30. Weebly ( – Allows you to create a site and blog, free hosting and change designs on the fly.
  31. ZoomShare ( – Free blog hosting with 250MB of free storage.

This are best free blog provider I know. Free blog websites are great way to get started. Hope you enjoy my collection of best free blog site.

Go and get your blog today. Don’t forget to leave comment and let us know which platform you chooses for your blog.

Happy Blogging!

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Inside a Lithium-ion Battery Pack and Cell

Lithium-ion battery packs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all look about the same on the inside. If you were to take apart a laptop battery pack (something that we DO NOT recommend because of the possibility of shorting out a battery and starting a fire) you would find the following:


inside a lithium-ion battery pack


  • The lithium-ion cells can be either cylindrical batteries that look almost identical to AA cells, or they can be prismatic, which means they are square or rectangularThe computer, which comprises:
  • One or more temperature sensors to monitor the battery temperature
  • A voltage converter and regulator circuit to maintain safe levels of voltage and current
  • A shielded notebook connector that lets power and information flow in and out of the battery pack
  • A voltage tap, which monitors the energy capacity of individual cells in the battery pack
  • A battery charge state monitor, which is a small computer that handles the whole charging process to make sure the batteries charge as quickly and fully as possible.

If the battery pack gets too hot during charging or use, the computer will shut down the flow of power to try to cool things down. If you leave your laptop in an extremely hot car and try to use the laptop, this computer may prevent you from powering up until things cool off. If the cells ever become completely discharged, the battery pack will shut down because the cells are ruined. It may also keep track of the number of charge/discharge cycles and send out information so the laptop’s battery meter can tell you how much charge is left in the Toshiba pa3533u-1bas battery.

It’s a pretty sophisticated little computer, and it draws power from the batteries. This power draw is one reason why lithium-ion Toshiba pa3399u-1bas battery lose 5 percent of their power every month when sitting idle.

Lithium-ion Cells

As with most batteries you have an outer case made of metal. The use of metal is particularly important here because the battery is pressurized. This metal case has some kind of pressure-sensitive vent hole. If the battery ever gets so hot that it risks exploding from over-pressure, this vent will release the extra pressure. The Toshiba pa3537u-1bas battery will probably be useless afterwards, so this is something to avoid. The vent is strictly there as a safety measure. So is the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) switch, a device that is supposed to keep the battery from overheating.


inside a lithium-ion cell

This metal case holds a long spiral comprising three thin sheets pressed together:

  • A Positive electrode
  • A Negative electrode
  • A separator

Inside the case these sheets are submerged in an organic solvent that acts as the electrolyte. Ether is one common solvent.

The separator is a very thin sheet of microperforated plastic. As the name implies, it separates the positive and negative electrodes while allowing ions to pass through.

The positive electrode is made of Lithium cobalt oxide, or LiCoO2. The negative electrode is made of carbon. When the battery charges, ions of lithium move through the electrolyte from the positive electrode to the negative electrode and attach to the carbon. During discharge, the lithium ions move back to the LiCoO2 from the carbon.


lithium-ion battery charge mechanism


lithium-ion battery discharge mechanism

The movement of these lithium ions happens at a fairly high voltage, so each cell produces 3.7 volts. This is much higher than the 1.5 volts typical of a normal AA alkaline cell that you buy at the supermarket and helps make lithium-ion batteries more compact in small devices like cell phones. See How Batteries Work for details on different battery chemistries.

We’ll look at how to prolong the life of a lithium-ion battery and explore why they can explode next.

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Australia’s top 5 laptops based on battery life

Looking for a laptop that can run for most of the day without a recharge?

The boffins at technology site CNET Australia reckon that HP‘s Folio 13 Ultrabook should be top of your list, as it gallops along for almost six and a half hours on a single tank of juice.

Two more HP laptops follow the Folio – the Envy Spectre 14 and the Pavilion dm1 – before the field widens to include models from Lenovo, Dell, Asus and Toshiba.

Apple’s MacBook Air makes a surprisingly late appearance in the field, with the 13 inch model in twelfth place based on a battery life of 4 hours 43 minutes.

CNET’s aptly-named Laptops with long battery life 2012 report assesses the battery life of each notebook reviewed by the site using a pair of real-world tests.

The heavy-duty test sees the laptop playing a HD video with both screen brightness and volume wound up to full. A light HP nc6000 notebook battery test trims the screen brightness to 40 per cent and visits three different websites every 20 seconds.

CNET Australia reviews editor Craig Simms says this snapshot of the current market will be continuously updated as new laptops are released.

It can be difficult to trust a laptop maker’s own figures on battery life because “things will change depending on usage patterns” as well as how the manufacturer chooses to measure battery life, says Simms.

“Some will quote incredibly light-use battery benchmarks with most things turned off and the screen set to the lowest brightness — a totally unrealistic use scenario” he tells Australian Business Traveller. “Others, such as Samsung, tend to be more honest with their Dell Inspiron n5010 battery life estimates, using video playback stats instead.”

And while Ultrabooks are helping to set new benchmarks for battery life, Simms says he would be disappointed “if a 13 inch ultrabook didn’t hit at least four and a half hours of light use with screen brightness around 40%. The better ones can exceed six hours.”

A raft of advances in laptop technology is also helping drive battery life towards true all-day capability.

“Since the MacBook Air, quite a few laptops have (adopted) non-user removable batteries, allowing for custom shapes that allow the manufacturer to maximise battery storage for their specific laptop” Simms explains.

“Intel’s ultra-low voltage processors have made quite an impact on power draw, and yet only sacrifice minimally on performance, while on more powerful laptops, graphics switching technology that allows AMD and Nvidia graphics to switch to less power-hungry Intel graphics when the more powerful cards aren’t needed helps the laptop to save on Dell inspiron e1505 battery.”

Simms also sees the widespread use of LED back lighting in displays, “automatically dimming the screen after a period of disuse and smart dimming of screens in different light situations” as helping extend battery life.

Other Ultrabook-type trends such as dropping CD/DVD drives and replacing spinning mechanical hard disks with solid-state drives have also done their part to eke out more hours between recharges.


How to Sync iPad To a New Computer – iPad Usage Tips by

Want to Sync iPad to a new computer? When you get a new computer, it can be a bit of a downer to plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into it and be told that you’ll have to erase it and start again, all because it’s synced to a different iTunes library. Don’t despair, because there’s a away to avoid wiping your precious device provided you still have access to the computer you’ve been syncing it to. It can seem a bit fiddly to do, but it’s a lot easier than having to start from scratch with a clean device.

The secret lies in the fact that your device syncs to a specific iTunes library, not a laptop computer. So the trick is to move your library from your old computer to the new one, and your iPad won’t know the difference!

If you’ve been using the default settings in iTunes (that is, letting it organize your media for you, as opposed to storing it elsewhere on your computer or on an external drive), what we’re going to do here should transfer your actual media files across, too. If you’ve been organizing your files in a different way, you’ll need to be sure to move those separately.

You need access to your old and new computers and a way of transferring a large amount of data between them. The fastest would be over a local Ethernet network, bit if the machines aren’t linked, an external hard drive or USB stick will do the job. We’ll show you below how to find out how much data you’re going to need to move.

Sync Your Device

Plug your iPhone, iPad or iPhone touch into your old computer for the last time and open iTunes. Right-click its name under Devices and choose sync. Once that’s done, unplug your device and lay it to one side for now.

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Toshiba satellite a100 battery brand new 4400mAh Only AU $61.68

ACER Aspire 5670 Series Laptop Battery
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HP COMPAQ Business Notebook NC8200 Laptop Battery
HP COMPAQ Business Notebook NC8200 Battery
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Find The Folder

Go to Edit> Preferences (Windows) or iTunes> Preferences (Mac). Click Advanced; we’re interested in where it says ‘iTunes Media folder location’. The folder we need to copy is called iTunes (not iTunes Media).

Size Matters

Open Finder or Windows Explorer and browse to the location of the iTunes folder (in our case, that’s in C:/Users/YourFolder, and so on). Right – click the iTunes folder and choose Get info or properties to find out its size.

Copy The Folder

Armed with the size figure, get hold of a hard drive or USB stick big enough to fit it on. Copy the iTunes folder to it. Once everything’s across, disconnect the storage from your old computer and hook it up the new one.

Find The iTunes Folder

On your new machine, find the location of the iTunes folder as you did in step 2, then close iTunes. If you’ve got any media on this computer already, move the existing iTunes folder elsewhere to avoid overwriting it.

Open iTunes

Now copy the iTunes folder from your storage device into the exact place that we established in step 5. Once it’s copied, open iTunes. All being well, the music and apps from your old computer will be waiting for you.

Settings Tweak

If you stored media elsewhere on your old computer, add it to iTunes on the new one. In Preferences, click Devices and check the box to prevent automatic syncing, ensuring your device doesn’t get wiped when you plug it in.

Plug in Your Device

Now connect your device to the new computer and click the Apps tab. The sync box will be checked, indicating things are working well so far. Don’t sync yet, but right-click the iOS device in the left pane and choose Back-Up.


If you’d synced media automatically on your old computer, make sure it’s all present under Library on the new one, because when you sync, anything that’s missing will be wiped from your iOS device. If it’s all there, sync away!

Back up Your Computer

Now that everything’s transferred to your new computer and it’s syncing with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it’s a good time to back up the Mac or PC. In Mac OS X, click the Time Machine menu and choose Back Up Now.

And in Windows…

Create System Restore Point by right-clicking Computer, choosing Properties and then clicking System Protection on the left. Make sure Protection’s set to On for your hard drive, then click Create….to get started.

Deauthorise Old Machine

You can authorise five computers to use your iTunes account, so deauthorising old machines is wise. Open iTunes, click Store> De-authorize This Computer….., type in your Apple ID and password and click Deauthorize.

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a winner

In case you’ve been living under a rock, 2011 is the year of the tablets. Apple’s iPad burst unto the scene in early 2010 and since then other tech giants have been positioning themselves to take advantage of this new segment of mobile computing. A tablet specific version of Android is now available and just as in the smartphone segment a plethora of android powered tablets are being released or are on the horizon, the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy tabs and Acer Iconia being 3 of at least 7 I can remember off the top of my head. There is one contender though that I am most excited about and it’s called the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer.

Asus laptop battery

Modern Mobile Device

It’s a tablet, it’s a netbook, it’s mobile, it’s powerful, it’s modern, it’s new and it’s different but familiar. That is how I describe the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. As an Android user and a consumer on the brink of buying a preferably android-powered tablet my allegiance has bounced around with just about every Android tablet revelation.

Asus A32-F5 Laptop Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $67.21

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Apple A1079 Laptop Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $71.83

Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $61.29

Dell Latitude D630 Laptop Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $62.91

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer with it’s tablet form factor, Android brain, expansion slots, usb support, HDMI port and all important keypad and battery extending add-on fits all my needs and is unique (for now) and very functional when I think about my needs as a blogger, soon-to-be traveler and techie on the go who is a weirdo that hates bulky laptops. Below is a video walk-through if ASUS’s new tablet.

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Top Tips for Longer-Lasting Laptop Batteries

Hardware budgets are feeling the pinch of our tepid economy, and many companies are making employees use their laptops longer. If you are starting to tell your folks to keep plugging along with their laptops for four or five years instead of just three, you might be running into an unexpected expense: dead laptop batteries.

Well, to be fair, your laptop’s batteries probably aren’t completely dead. But since Lithium Ion batteries tend to lose about 20% of their capacity each year, a typical three-year-old laptop might only get about an hour or so on a charge, which might not even get your folks through an entire meeting. Here are four simple tips to forestall the day that you need to replace those batteries:

Keep it cool. Heat is the primary killer of batteries. Tell your employees to be careful not to let their laptops overheat. One common way that happens is packing a running laptop into a backpack or briefcase. If the laptop fails to go to sleep (and let’s face it — sleep glitches are common), then the laptop can get crazy hot in an enclosed space. You can almost smell the loss of notebook battery longevity.

Recondition your battery regularly. Most laptop manufacturers (except Apple) don’t generally tell you about this, but a simple process known as reconditioning (or occasionally, recalibrating) can breathe new life into your laptop battery and add capacity back. To do that, turn off your screen saver and any other power management tools which put your PC to sleep. Fully charge the laptop, and then let it run all the way down — right until it powers down due to lack of juice. Then charge it back up again and restore your power management stuff. Do this every few months (such as three times a year).

Fujitsu FPCBP64 Battery, Brand New 4400mAh only AU$64.77

Dell 312-0393 Battery, Brand New 4400mAh only AU$87.30

Toshiba PA3357U-1BRL Laptop Battery, Brand New 4400mAh only AU$73.33

Remove it when you’re not using it. When you leave your laptop plugged in at your desk all day every day, the battery never gets a chance to discharge and recharge — which is critical to its long-term health. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: Remove the battery. As long as your laptop is connected to AC adapter, the battery isn’t necessary; it’ll run without it. Just remember to pop it back in before you take your laptop on the go.

Start with a super-sized battery. When you purchase your next round of laptops, upgrade to the extended-life battery. Not only will it give you significantly longer runtime to start with — great for road warriors and anyone else who works away from the office a lot — but the inevitable loss of laptop battery life will have a less pronounced effect. The added cost of the larger batteries is worth the investment, because they end up lasting significantly longer.

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How to Optimize Your Laptop Computer With Advanced SystemCare

Computer slow? Want to fix it yourself? Yes you can do it easily with new Advanced SystemCare Free App. Advanced SystemCare is a one click tool to repair, clean, and optimize your PC. Advanced SystemCare is free and simple looking app, with Options like Quick Care, Deep Care, Turbo Boost, and Toolbox.

With Quick Care or Deep Care you can solve your computer problems like registry issues, malware, privacy problems, and so on.

Features of Quick Care or Deep Care Tool:-

1. Scan and remove spyware and adware with the latest definition
2. Prevent spyware, hijackers and bad websites from being installed
3. Erase the history of all activities in your computer
4. Scan and fix invalid and improper registry entries
5. Scan and Fix Hard Drive Errors
6. Defrag Hard Disk to Improve PC Performance. is the Australia’s quality distributor & wholesaler of Toshiba laptop batteries, Dell laptop batteries, HP laptop batteries, Olympus camera batteries, Canon camcorder batteries, Makita power tools batteries, Dewalt power tools batteries, Canon battery chargers. All our batteries, laptop adapters are Australia Stock, Manufacturer Warranty, 100% secure shopping Guarantee and 100% brand new with 1 year warranty!
Our Advantages: High Quality + Low Price + Fast Delivery

Our company is registered as a battery producer with the Environment Agency. Batteries Producer Registration Number (BPRN) Producer Number is: BPRN01296.

discount laptop batteries

Next Option Is Turbo Boost, Which helps you optimize and speed up computer by temporary shutting down unnecessary background process and services, cleaning RAM and intensifying processor performance. Some of these include Windows Update and keyboard hot keys.

Next Best Option is ToolBox, which has more than 20 individual tools for making your system run better. Disk cleaning, privacy-sweeping, file-shredding, a startup manager, Security Scanner, Win Fix, Disk Doctor, Internet Booster and a disk defragger are just a few of the useful free tools you’ll find here.

Overall, we like Advanced SystemCare, its easy to use and will help you clean and repair your PC with simple and easy steps. You can Download the Advanced SystemCare 4 Free version here.

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Maximizing your Apple laptop battery charge tips

Apple Portables: Tips for maximizing your battery charge

Products Affected

Portable Computers

Your notebook battery life depends on your computer’s configuration and how you are using the computer. Here are some settings and steps you can take to get the most from of your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air laptop battery.

About the battery status menu

The battery status menu shows you how much charge your battery has and whether it is currently charging. This menu is at the right side of the menu bar:

Battery menu

The battery status menu updates frequently and changes depending on your screen brightness and system work load.

For example, if you are using a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) to edit a text document and the menu bar reports 8 hours of battery life, then you close the text document and begin playing a DVD movie, the time left in the menu bar will decrease. If you immediately quit DVD player and resume editing a text document, the time left in the menu bar display should return to a higher number due to the reduced power usage by the computer.

If your Apple portable computer is running Mac OS X v10.6.x or later, you can hold the Option key and click the battery status menu to display your battery’s condition, as in the image below.

Your battery’s condition may help you determine if the battery needs a replacement:

  •  If the condition is “Normal”, the battery is functioning normally.
  •  If the condition is “Replace Soon”, it is still working but may be starting to lose its ability to hold a charge.
  •  If the condition is “Replace Now” or “Service Battery”, the battery likely needs to be replaced.  If you plan to visit an Apple Retail store, you should make a reservation at the Genius Bar using (available in some countries only).Your one-year warranty includes replacement coverage for a defective battery. You can extend your replacement coverage for a defective battery to three years from the date of your notebook purchase with the AppleCare Protection Plan. However, the AppleCare Protection Plan for notebook computers does not cover laptop batteries that have stopped working or are exhibiting diminished capacity except when it is the result of a manufacturing defect.
Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery
Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 67.66

Toshiba PA3672U-1BRS Battery
Li-ion, 5200 mAh, 14.4 V
only AU $ 76.56

Brand New 4400mAh only AU$85.07

Set your screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level

Compared to any other setting on your computer, your screen brightness can have the greatest impact on battery life.
  Press the F1 key to dim the screen until the brightness is as low as possible and the screen is still comfortable to view.  For example, on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) computer, you can increase your laptop battery life up to three hours by changing your screen brightness from 100% to the middle setting, as in this image:

Screen brightness settings

Optimize your battery settings in Energy Saver preferences

  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. From the View menu, choose Energy Saver.

Options in the Energy Saver preference pane will vary depending on your Apple portable and operating system version. Some examples of items that can be enabled to save power include:

  • Putting the hard disk to sleep when possible.
  • Slightly dim the display when using this power source. (Choose “Battery” or “Power Adapter“.)
  • Automatically reduce brightness before display goes to sleep.
  • Setting the computer and display sleep sliders to induce sleep of the display or computer more quickly.
  • Choosing the Better Battery Life option if available.
  • Choosing Automatic Graphic Switching if available.

Some of these settings will put the hard disk to sleep whenever possible and reduce the computer’s microprocessor or graphics performance to maximize its battery life. If you are using processor-intensive applications or graphic-intensive applications, you may wish to change these settings so that performance is maximized at the expense of battery life.

Graphics performance
Your graphics performance settings can affect your battery runtime.

The MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) and MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010) include a feature in the Energy Saver System Preferences pane called “Automatic graphics switching” for adjusting graphics performance.  This feature is enabled by default to allow your computer to automatically switch to the best graphics system for the applications currently running on your computer.  Using this option may also maximize battery life.

Tip: Running graphics intensive applications such as 3D games, Aperture, iMovie, iPhoto, and so on consumes more power. Quitting these applications will allow your computer to switch to the energy efficient graphics processor, which can give you better battery life.

The MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008), MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2009), and later include a feature in the Energy Saver System Preferences pane for adjusting graphics performance. You can select “Better battery life” or “Higher performance”.

  • Select “Better battery life” for situations when you are not using graphic-intensive applications or when use of the MagSafe adapter is limited.
  • Select “Higher performance” while playing games or carrying out other tasks which involve heavy graphics processing.

By default, MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) and later computers use the Better battery life option.

Turn off unused features and technologies

Just as you would turn off the lights in an unoccupied room, turning off unused features and technologies can help maximize your battery life, too. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Eject CDs and DVDs you’re no longer using. Sometimes the optical drive spins to read CDs or DVDs that are in the drive. This consumes a small amount of power.
  • Disconnect peripherals when you’re not using them. Connected peripherals—such as printers and digital cameras—can draw power from your battery even when you’re not using them.
  • Shut down any runaway applications.
  • Quit any applications that are running but not in use.

If you’re not in a location where you need to use AirPort or Bluetooth, you can turn them off to save power.

To turn off AirPort from the menu bar:

  1. From the menu bar, click the AirPort icon .
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Turn AirPort Off.

To turn off Bluetooth from the menu bar:

  1. From the menu bar, click the Bluetooth icon .
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Turn Bluetooth Off.

You can also turn off Bluetooth or Airport from System Preferences:

  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. From the View menu, choose Bluetooth or Network to open the appropriate System Preference pane.

About Apple laptop battery life claims

Published battery life is based on a light duty test that involves wirelessly browsing various websites and editing text in a word processing document with display brightness set to the middle setting.

The more intensive the usage of a computer, the faster the battery will drain. For example, while a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) used as described above can get up to 9 Hours of battery life, the same MacBook Pro computer continuously playing DVD movies with the display set to full brightness will drain the battery more quickly.

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Top 10 best budget laptops

1. Packard Bell Dot S

This netbook stands out, with a purple swish pattern on its lid. It has a very sturdy base and good battery life. It’s very well connected, too, with three USB ports and an SD card reader.

2. Grade A2 Acer Aspire One 722

This netbook punches above its weight. Just 1in thin, it has a Qwerty keypad and a screen with a backlight and HD resolution – perfect for watching films.

3. Samsung N145 Plus

Durable and with a six-cell laptop battery lasting for 10 hours, this chic model with a matt cover finish is very usable and its Intel processor offers 1.6GHz of speed and a 320GB hard drive.

4. Toshiba NB500, £296

Mobile without compromising on performance, this netbook is crammed with decent kit and has a 250GB hard drive and a stylish finish. Its screen brightness has been commended.

5. Dell Inspiron Duo

Dell’s hybrid design includes a flip hinge, which allows you to switch between a touchscreen tablet with docking system or laptop. As such, it’s brilliant for those on the go.

6. Asus Eee PC X101CH

This petite and light notebook makes others look like giants. It also boasts instant-on technology, which allows the machine to resume from “sleep” mode in seconds.

7. Samsung NF110, £209.99

This mini-machine is a stunner, with a chiclet-design keypad and a long Acer as07b31 Laptop Battery life. It’s good for music, too, with speakers that can compete with those of full-sized laptops.

Acer Aspire One Laptop Top 10 Best Rated Laptops Reviews

8. Acer Aspire One Happy 2

If you’re after a burst of colour in your machine, tropical-themed lids such as banana cream and strawberry yoghurt may tempt you – especially combined with up to eight hours’ Acer as07a41 battery juice.

9. HP Mini 210 3002sa

With impressive stereo speakers made by Beats Audio, decent speed (a 1.6GHz processor) and in a luminous-rose colour, this netbook packs a bigger punch than its screen would suggest.

10. Acer Aspire One 522

This netbook is ahead of the pack with a 1,280 x 720 high-resolution screen and a powerful integrated Radeon HD graphics chip, while being exceedingly thin and light too.


4 + useful websites for find interesting free eBooks for your iPad

4+ More Websites To Find Free eBooks for iPad

A while back we wrote about the best places to find free iPad eBooks. The article yielded many useful comments and suggestions from you, and made me want to explore the area even more. I’ve been using the iPad as a reading device more and more lately, and the quest for quality, free eBooks that I can read on the iPad is an ongoing challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than willing to pay for books, but when I do they are usually the paper kind. So here are 4 lesser known yet very useful websites where you can find interesting free eBooks for your iPad.


ebooks for ipad

DigiLibraries claim to have over 20,000 free eBooks, and I certainly believe them.

The eBook database is searchable and browsable in numerous ways, just choose your favorite. You can browse by letters, by categories, view most popular books, newest books or just perform a plain old search. I think the ability to browse is really important when searching for new books, and being able to browse in so many different ways is a real treat.

free ebooks for ipad

The website itself it pretty attractive, and books usually come with a huge cover picture. Most books are available in either ePub or PDF format – both good for the iPad. Some are only available in one of the two.

Download is easy and fast and the books I tried came complete with cover art and everything.

DigiLibraries contains many fiction and non-fiction books, and if you’re looking for some interesting titles, this is a good place to start.

E-Books Directory

free ebooks for ipad

E-Books Directory is not a site that excels in looks. The interface is very simple and there are no eye-catching animations or lists. But when you get down to it, it’s a real treasure.

You can find eooks for iPad by browsing categories or searching, and the download links are usually pointing to other sites. So E-Books Directory is really just that – a directory you can use to browse and find free eBooks all over the Web.

ipad ebooks

Some books are only available as PDFs (but I found some beautiful ones), and some are available in multiple formats, including ePub. I only wish the available formats were always specified next to the download link so I don’t have to click it and go to the other website just to see if the format I want is available.

ipad ebooks

E-Books Directory also connects to many social networks and other platforms which allows you to save and share books – a fun addition.

ipad ebooks

The Book Depository

2011-09-13 12h07_07

Many of you probably know about The Book Depository – this website offers worldwide free shipping on all its books, and is a mighty useful asset if you’re still into paper books. But they also boast a very large collection of free eBooks available for download in PDF format.

2011-09-13 12h08_17

If you’ve used the site before, it will try to give you some recommendations right off the bat. You can also browse numerous categories and search for keywords. The great thing is you can do all this only within the free eBook collection, so you can be sure all you find are just free eBooks.

2011-09-13 12h08_58

The PDFs come with very inconvenient file names, and no cover art to be seen (at least those I tried), but the content is definitely there, and The Book Depository is a great place to find many titles you will not see anywhere else.

Google Books

2011-09-13 12h22_08

Google Books apparently offers a very large collection of eBooks which you can download as ePubs. There’s a designated Google Books app you can download, but you don’t have to. You can use the website to browse and download books and then read them using your favorite reading app.

Surprisingly, the interface is not as usable and friendly as I’ve come to expect from Google, but don’t worry. You can still find loads of free eBooks for iPad.

Acer aspire 5920 Battery
Acer Aspire 5920 notebook Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 65.29

2011-09-13 12h28_14

There’s no convenient way to just browse free eBooks, but you can search for books in different categories. If you just want to randomly browse, you can search for something very general. Once you’ve done that, you can screen your results to show only free ones.

2011-09-13 12h26_11

When you’ve found a book you want, don’t click the “Get it now” button, but the “Read on your device” link under the buttons. The interface will also show you what devices support this specific eBook and which don’t.

2011-09-13 12h26_48

Now scroll all the way down and you’ll find the ePub and PDF links. Here you can download the book for your iPad.

2011-09-13 12h26_58

If you are already looking at a book in your browser, you can use the “Download” link on the right side to download an ePub or PDF (if they’re available for this book).

2011-09-13 12h32_38

In my book, Google Books is not the best resource, but it’s still a valuable resource to have, especially if you prefer ePubs over PDFs.

Bonus: Neotake

2011-09-13 12h35_56

Neotake is an eBook search engine that lets you search for multiple languages, multiple formats and free/non-free books. It searches multiple websites, so if you’re not sure where to find what you’re looking for, Neotake can help you.

2011-09-13 12h36_13

The search results are not the prettiest thing in the world, but you can see immediately what languages, formats etc. the ebook is available in. Clicking further will lead you to the site the eBook is actually on, where you can download it.

ebooks for ipad


I am hoping to see more websites providing a good searching and browsing experience for free eBooks. After all, these books are legal to download, and are an excellent gateway for people who’re just starting to discover the world of eBooks.

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