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Top 15 Ultimate Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

Notebooks tend to lose their charm quickly when you find yourself searching for a power terminal once in every couple of hours to help your dieing laptop battery that is plunging towards the red zone! How do you keep your laptop/notebook battery going for as long as possible? Here are 15 easy tips to do so. Read them now. You’ll thank yourself later.

1. Sleeping Rejuvenates your Body, and your Laptop Battery Too

Use your laptop’s power management features (in Windows XP, under Power Options in the Control Panel; or in Vista, under Mobile PC in the Control Panel) sensibly. The system will run at lower processor speeds when enabling power management features and it will go into “sleep” mode faster when inactive. And if you can spare the extra time it takes for the machine to resume, make sure that you set your laptop to hibernate, not just sleep, when you close the lid.

2. All that Glitters are Not Always Gold

Unless you are still using the laptop that your dad gifted you in the summer of 1999, most modern laptops come with the ability to dim the laptop screen.  Some even come with ways to modify the processor and cooling performance.  Turn down the brightness of the LCD panel (via the Function-key combo, or in the Control Panel’s Display Settings dialog). Cut them down to the minimum level you can tolerate to squeeze out some extra battery juice. And also consider switching off the backlight that sucks away power from your notebook’s battery like a vacuum cleaner!
laptop battery service for

3. Cut down Gaming when Running on Battery

Unless you’re running high-order mathematical calculations to solve the university project, chances are great that you don’t need the maximum processing power that your CPU can give. So in Vista, select the “Power saver” power plan (found in the Control Panel, in the Power Options section) to extend battery life when on DC power, and leave the 3D video gaming for when you’re near an AC adapter outlet.

4. Avoid Memory-Hungry and Less-Essential Apps

When you aren’t actively using the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IR radios, turn them off (via the hard switch, if your laptop has it, or in the appropriate utility set), so that they don’t trickle you dry trying to connect. Photoshop, iTunes, Google Desktop Search, etc.  All these add to the CPU load and cut down battery life drastically.  Shut down everything that isn’t crucial when you’re running solely on battery power.

5. Turn Off the Auto-Save Function

Microsoft Word and Excel’s autosave functions are great but because they keep saving at regular intervals, they make your hard drive spin harder than it should. However, if you plan to do this, you may want to turn it back on when the HP prbook 4720s battery runs low. While it saves battery life in the beginning, you will not want to lose your unsaved work when your battery dies, will you?

6. Wisely Schedule Virus Scans

Be sure that your periodic virus scan is set to a time when you’re usually plugged in; running a full-disk virus check keeps the hard drive and CPU fully engaged for the better part of an hour.

7. Lower the Graphics Use

You can do this by changing the screen resolution and shutting off fancy graphic drivers. Graphics cards (video cards) use as much or even more power as hard drives.

8. Go Easy on the Multimedia

A little music is nice while you construct that PowerPoint presentation for your upcoming meeting, but streaming music from your hard drive (or playing a CD) means the disk is always spinning thus sipping away power from your notebook battery.

9. Defrag once in a while
The faster your hard drive does its work – less demand you are going to put on the hard drive and your laptop’s battery.  Make your hard drive as efficient as possible by defragging it regularly (but not while it’s on battery of course!) Mac OSX is better built to handle fragmentation so it may not be needed for Apple systems.

10. Cut down External Devices

Use USB-attached devices only when absolutely necessary. They aren’t getting their power from positive ions in the air, you know. USB devices (including your mouse) & WiFi drain down your laptop battery.  Remove or shut them down when not in use.  It goes without saying that charging other devices (like your iPod) with your laptop when on battery is a surefire way of quickly wiping out the charge on your laptop battery.

11. Get more RAM

This is probably obvious but this will allow you to process more with the memory your laptop has, rather than relying on virtual memory.  Virtual memory results in hard drive use, and is much less power efficient. Note that adding more RAM will consume more energy, so this is most applicable if you do need to run memory intensive programs which actually require heavy usage of virtual memory.

12. Use Hard Drive rather than CD/DVD

As power consuming as hard drives are, CD and DVD drives are even worse.  Even having one disk in the drive can be power consuming.  They spin, taking power, even when they’re not actively being used.  Wherever possible, try to run on virtual drives using programs like Alcohol 120% rather than optical ones.

13. Operate at Low Temperature

Your laptop operates more efficiently when it’s cooler.  Clean out your laptop’s air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner.

14. Jack of all, Master of None! Avoid Multitasking

Do one thing at a time when you’re on battery.  Rather than working on a spreadsheet, letting your email client run in the background and listening to your latest set of MP3’s, focus your mind to one thing only.  If you don’t you’ll only drain out your batteries before anything gets completed!

15. Prevent the Memory Effect

If you’re using a very old laptop, you will want to prevent the ‘memory effect’ – Keep the battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once every two to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-Ion batteries (which most laptops have) which do not suffer from the memory effect.

What do you do to extend your laptop’s battery life? How do you make sure that your battery doesn’t die down in the middle of your work? Do share your ideas with us.


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Mother’s Day 2011: Top 7 Awesome eCards For Mom

Mother’s Day is upon us, and what’s that? You haven’t gotten her a card yet? There’s still time for an eCard. We’ll show you some of the best ones we found.

If you haven’t visited the eCard universe lately, you’ll be surprised how sophisticated they’ve become. Gone are the amateurish graphics and tacky music, replaced by symphonic scores and majestic 3D animations.

Some of the cards in the gallery below are free, while most of them require a “membership” to the cardmaker’s site. Either way, all will get you out of this procrastination predicament you’re finding yourself in right now:

Jacquie Lawson

This lovely work of art from Jacquie Lawson plays a waltz by Chopin with a payoff at the end: there’s a flower arrangement that reveals the meaning of each flower. One-year membership is $12.

American Greetings

This one from American Greetings is accompanied by beautiful music, excellent animation and a full-screen surprise at the end. Free Trial.

O Jolie

O Jolie’s “Secret Garden” features subtle animation, soothing classical music and understated elegance. Works for birthdays and other occasions, too. $12/year membership


Be careful sending one of these Someecards — some moms might find them refreshingly forthright, honest, and maybe even hilarious, while others might be offended. We like this one because it makes fun of the giver rather than the receiver. This one’s free.

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain’s cavorting dolphins, bears blowing bubbles and pleasant animation that goes outside the frame might delight your mom. 1-month membership is $3.99.


Hallmark brings the doo-wop music along with a whimsical animation that emphasizes gratitude for all dear Mom’s done for you. And this one’s free.


JibJab lets you insert your face into the proceedings with “Mom Rap,” a goofy video and serenade for your mom. You might like this one more than she does, but if she has a sense of humor, you’re golden. If so, she might just be going around the house for the next few days saying “You better watch your booty when Mom’s in the ‘hood!” $12/year membership.

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R Battery concept resurrects old batteries – Battery News by

For those of you who grew up during the Nintendo Game Boy days, you would certainly have gone through the painful process of purchasing new AA batteries time and again – and this was back in the day when Sanyo have yet to discover the magic and wonder of eneloop batteries. Even rechargeables were rather expensive back then, but fast forward to today and you have rechargeable batteries that are not only cheap but of good quality as well. The R Acer as07b41 battery concept that you see here sports a trio of slots that can hold AA as well as AAA batteries that have been consigned to the recycling heap – after all, near dead Acer as07b31 battery still hold one last charge in them, and the R Battery intends to use the remaining juice as one large cell.

No idea on what you’re going to plug this into, but at least it helps you squeeze out every last iota of power from your Acer aspire 5520 battery, which is better than nothing at all. Now, if only a hardware manufacturer is willing to take up the cause and release it with a pocket-friendly price. Certainly this might be used to power your remote control or whatever devices around your home that need just a little bit of energy to run – high-powered devices like flashlights are certainly out of the picture, of course.

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Which should you buy: 13-inch MacBook Pro vs. 13-inch MacBook Air

MacBook Air. MacBook Pro. Once upon a time, these two products were significantly different from each other; two totally different products. That dividing line’s been blurring, especially when it comes to the world of 13-inch MacBooks.

The MacBook Air used to be an underperforming, expensive laptop that had stellar design, while the 13-inch Pro was a full-featured, far more robust machine. The truth is, these systems are closer in performance and price than ever before.

Last year, I thought Apple MacBook buyers in 2012 wouldn’t suffer the confusions of picking a 13-inch MacBook, because I thought there would be only one product: a fusion MacBook Air with some of the best Pro features incorporated. Alas, there is no such chimera. Entry-level 13-inch MacBook Air and Pro laptops now cost the same AU$1349, but you’ll still have to make a decision: do you value hard-drive space or portability? Weight or ports? Easy upgrades or faster boot times?

In 2011, I thought the go-to laptop remained the 13-inch MacBook Pro, by the narrowest of margins. This year, I think the scale has tipped to the MacBook Air.

I acknowledge that the Air still lacks sufficient solid-state drive (SSD) storage for those wanting it to be their everyday computer, for storing photo libraries, music and other files, and some people still want DVD drives. However, the 13-inch Pro simply hasn’t stepped up with any killer features to earn it distance from the Air, and doesn’t feel worth its price as much as the Air does.

Let’s go through the key differences between the 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Air.

13-inch MacBook Air (mid-2012) 13-inch MacBook Pro (mid-2012)
CPU 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 (third-gen) 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 (third-gen)
RAM 4GB (max 8GB) 4GB (max 8GB)
Storage 128GB SSD (max: 512GB) 500GB HDD (up to 750GB HDD or 512GB SSD)
Ports Thunderbolt, 2 USB 3.0, SD card slot Thunderbolt, 2 USB 3.0, SD card slot, Ethernet, FireWire 800
Optical drive No Yes
Weight 1.35kg 2.06kg
Screen resolution 1440×900 1280×800
Battery life 7 hours, 27 minutes 6 hours, 57 minutes
Price AU$1349 AU$1349

Size and weight

The 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs 2.06kg. The MacBook Air weighs 1.35kg. The Pro feels like a solid slab; the Air feels like a blade. Winner: Air.


The 13-inch Air has had a higher-resolution screen than the MacBook Pro for several years. Odd, but true. The Pro’s screen is bright and has great viewing angles, but it also exhibits far more glare when compared side-by-side with the Air. The Pro’s display feels particularly weak, considering the higher-resolution, anti-glare offerings on the 15-inch MacBook Pro and, needless to say, the Retina Display Pro. Winner: Air.

Keyboard/touch pad

The Air and the Pro share a large, excellent multi-touch clickpad and both have backlit keyboards. The Pro’s keys are taller, with more travel, while the Air’s are shallower. Nevertheless, both perform excellently. Winner: Tie.


In the entry-level AU$1349 configurations I reviewed, the 13-inch Air and Pro performed incredibly close. It’s very nearly a wash. The Pro led by seconds in our tests, but the Air’s boot times are far faster. In higher-end Pro configurations, a faster Core i7 processor and an SSD upgrade, should provide greater separation, but those extras will add up … and no 13-inch Pro comes close to the offerings of the 15-inch Pro (quad-core CPU, Nvidia graphics), leaving it to sit awkwardly in the middle. Winner: Tie.

Ports and extras

The MacBook Pro has more ports: an added FireWire 800 port and a dedicated Ethernet port, plus a slot-loading DVD drive. That’s it, though. For the Air, a separate USB-to-Ethernet dongle can provide direct line-in internet access, and you can always buy a USB-connected DVD burner. Yes, the Pro has more features, but not by a wide margin. Winner: Pro.

Storage space

The MacBook Air has a new 512GB SSD storage option, but upgrading will pump the price to AU$2,264. The included 128GB of SSD storage at AU$1349 is fine for basic use, but it won’t do for locally storing large libraries of music, movies or photos. The AU$1349 13-inch Pro has a 500GB hard drive that operates at a slower speed, but has plenty of room to spare. Winner: Pro.

Laptop Battery life

The 13-inch Air ran for roughly 7 hours and 30 minutes in our laptop battery life test, while the 13-inch Pro ran for just under 7 hours. Both have excellent Dell xps m2010 batteries, but the Air is just a bit more robust. Winner: Air.

Laptop least likely to feel obsolete in two years

Well, that’s a loaded question, isn’t it? In terms of a design that’ll stick around and still feel relevant (and have a higher resale value), bet on the MacBook Air. However, in terms of future upgradability (more RAM, a standard SSD), the Pro will be a little more flexible. Then again, in two years, who will be using a DVD drive? Winner: Air.

And, some other quick-hit recommendations:

  • What to get if you like older ports and flexibility: the Pro
  • What to get if you want a basic go-to laptop: the Air
  • What to get if you want lots of storage: the Pro
  • What to get if you’re a student: the Air
  • What I’d buy: the Air.

Top 10 battery tips to hp pavilion dv8000 laptop user

We’ve talked a lot about how to extend your Hp pavilion dv8000 battery life, but before you to do so, you should also know some using basics of laptop battery. Take care of your laptop battery and ensure that it will be ready to work properly when you need it most. Some general tips for laptop care include: avoid extreme temperatures, don’t leave a laptop outside in cold weather or leave it in a hot car. Cold Hp pavilion dv8000 battery can’t create very much power and hot batteries will discharge very quickly. Use electrical power when available to keep Hp pavilion dv8000 battery charged. Don’t let your laptop go for long periods of time without using the Hp pavilion dv8000 battery

Here are some basic using method:

1. Smaller Is Better
Consider an ultraportable or thin-and-light rather than a desktop replacement laptop. Smaller Hp pavilion dv8000 battery displays use less power. Going with a hard drive that runs at 4200rpm uses less power than a hard drive running at 5400rpm.

2. Power Control
Use as little power as possible by adjusting laptop settings. Use the Power Options to set to the laptop to go inactive after a set amount of time. Set adjustments so that the display goes off first, then hard the hard drive stay active a bit longer and store the system contents to the RAM.

3. Turn Down the Lights
Adjust the display brightness to a lower setting, make sure you can view the screen without squinting. You can also adjust the brightness of the display to suit the conditions you are working in.

4. Watch Your Hp pavilion dv8000 battery Use
Keep an eye on your Hp pavilion dv8000 battery consumption and know how much power you have remaining. Use the LAPTOP BATTERY power icon on the system tray or you can purchase batteries which have LED gauges on the outside of the battery itself.

5. Charging It Up
Whenever you have access to a power source, charge the Hp pavilion dv8000 battery. Before you leave on any trips, fully charge the laptop batteries, especially if you don’t know where or when you might have access to any electrical outlets. is the Australia’s quality distributor & wholesaler ofToshiba laptop batteriesDell laptop batteriesHP laptop batteriesOlympus camera batteriesCanon camcorder batteriesMakita power tools batteriesDewalt power tools batteriesCanon battery chargers. All our batteries, laptop adapters areAustralia Stock, Manufacturer Warranty, 100% secure shopping Guarantee and 100% brand new with 1 year warranty!
Our Advantages: High Quality + Low Price + Fast Delivery

discount laptop batteries

6. Get Another Battery
Some laptops are capable of running with two batteries. If you cannot run two batteries, check with the manufacturer to see if there are high capacity batteries available. External batteries can also be used to extend operating time.

7. Drain the Battery
The first time you use your laptop with battery power, allow the DELL laptop battery to completely discharge. Do this at least twice and don’t try to charge the laptop battery when it is half discharged.

8. Clean Batteries
Keep the battery and its connections clean and free of debris. Clean your Hp pavilion dv8000 battery terminals on a regular basis using a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol on the tip.

9. CMOS Battery Check-Up
The backup battery is a CMOS battery which is a secondary laptop battery (such as DELL D600 Battery) to power the clock and can drain a main Hp pavilion dv8000 battery if it is dead. Check with your User Manual or manufacturers web site for the location of the CMOS battery and where to get a replacement.

10. Turning It Off
Don’t run programs or devices that you aren’t using. Remove PC cards and turn off Wi-Fi software. Using your laptop to watch movies or play games will drain the Hp pavilion dv8000 battery quickly as well.

Just follow this simple steps, yousave much time to extend your Hp pavilion dv8000 battery life and other Laptop Accessories.


Why Choose Laptop Batteries on batteries-company

Laptop battery to a laptop is what sword to a warrior. It’s the backup power of your all-day-working laptop, especially for those business gentlemen. Every laptop company equips different batteries and even the same laptop company has different types of batteries for different models. So, how to make out your particular one? Of course, you could purchase it directly from the origin company, but it means they would cost you the earth!! (For instance, Dell was said to charge four times more than elsewhere you can get one). It deserves to pay so much more? No, actually, there are some online laptop battery stores, like the, is trustworthy enough.

Quality Battery Companydiscount laptop battery

Batteries Season Promotion
Laptop Batteries Are Free Shipping
1 years warranty, 30 days money back

However, why purchasing laptop batteries on

1. Variety of Models

If you’re looking for the replacing battery, refer to your old one, and the model number should be on it. What if no? Just log onto the manufacturer’s website and look up your laptop model and its accessories. Find the battery you need, note down the model number. The category ‘Laptop Batteries’ and concludes almost all kind of laptop batteries in all models, just click on the brand category to find it, or just simply input your model number in the top search column.

2. Price

Price is the most important concern for most of us PC fans, for a high performance ratio would always attract our attention. Buyers beware, there are thousands of small online discount electronics stores that promise one thing and then may send you the Japanese version of the battery that may not work for your laptop. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The laptop batteries on, as one of their best sellers, though in relatively lowest price, have never been sent back for the reason of unfitting, which can eliminate your worry of mismatching situation.

3. High Quality and Stability

This is crucial for choosing your laptop by checking its quality and stability. Even the origin manufacture of the battery cannot promise its quality out of any problem, so once you find any instability of the battery, just contact the store for an exchange. The laptop batteries on, which was bought in directly from the origin manufacturers, can be guaranteed trough its thoughtful service. Generally speaking, the batteries were in good condition in life-long, excluding any worries of explosion or leakage, etc.

Dell inspiron 9300 laptop batteries brand new 4400mAh Only AU $55.07

HP pavilion dv6 laptop batteries brand new 4400mAh Only AU $53.85 – Laptop Batteries Australia Post

4. Specialized batteries

Are you always unsatisfied of your laptop computer batteries, for its small capacity and short using time? These are major problem for most laptop batteries, why? It is just like adding ice in cola in many restaurants, see? These kinds of batteries will cost you the earth by replacing them again and again! Laptop guys, the specialized batteries are you choices! With longer using time and larger capacity, those batteries worth your buying, even in a little higher price., as the world-known distributor of laptop batteries, stocks thousands of specialized batteries for you laptop fans and game zealots.

In all, choosing an appropriate store for appropriate laptop batteries is fatal for your beloved laptop, for which those trustworthy distributers are needed for consideration. As the world-known and professional distributer of Replacement Laptop Batteries in the world, would be your brilliant choice.


The Laptop Batteries Do Not’s

laptop battery service 300x214 Top 10 Best Rated Laptops ReviewsWe frequently discuss in our blogs about all the “do’s” you should do when it comes to taking care of your laptop battery so that it performs the way you expect and for the expected duration between charges.

Today, however, we want to talk about some basic “don’ts.” Surprisingly (or not), some of the biggest reasons batteries fail is not due to performance or environment—it is actually due to human tampering or neglect.

  • ZZ7205FE78.jpgDo not modify the battery casing and/or housing in any way.It was designed that way for a reason. Modifications or curiosity could result in a need to purchase a new laptop battery.
  • Do not open and expose the cell contents.
  • Don’t leave your Acer AS07B41 Laptop Battery out and exposed where animals may find it and chew it. (Yes, this really happens.) It could also cause potential harm to your beloved pet as well.
  • Do not let your battery become exposed directly to excessive moisture or rain. If you are caught in a rainstorm, be sure your entire laptop is protected, and hopefully in a case that will keep it safe and dry.
  • Do not short-circuit the battery.
  • Do not drop or abuse the battery, as this could expose the cell contents, which are corrosive.
  • Do not expose your battery to extreme heat and cold. The worst thing possible is to leave your laptop in your car during extreme weather conditions…not even talking about the safety aspect.
  • Do not leave your battery in your laptop if you will not be using it for an extended amount of time. Instead, remove it from your computer and store it in a dry, clean and safe place. And, don’t forget where you put it!

HP 484170-001 battery
4400mAh, li-ion
only AU $60.85

Dell studio 1537 battery
440mAh, li-ion
only AU $70.77

Acer as07b72 laptop battery
4400mAh, li-ion
only AU $65.29

Laptop Batteries Company and is offering great prices and terrific service with free shipping on your laptop computer battery need! Check us out for the best prices!

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How to Charge a Dell Latitude D620 Battery

The Dell Latitude D620 is a laptop computer that uses a Dell laptop battery to power the computer when it is not plugged in to a power outlet. Over time this battery can become degraded to the point where you need to change it, or you might need to change it so you can swap a discharged laptop battery pack for one that is fully charged.


1. Shut down your Latitude D620 laptop.

2. Turn the computer upside down.

3. Slide the battery release latch so the battery pops up from the system.

4. Remove the Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Battery from the system.

5. Insert your new laptop battery into the system in the same configuration as the old battery.

Tagcloud: charge Dell latitude d620 battery, Dell Latitude D620 Battery, Dell laptop batteries, Apple laptop batteries, Acer laptop batteries, Toshiba pa3533u-1bas battery, Dell latitude d531 battery

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A few general laptop travel tips

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare. I usually cuff them and put them in the trunk or strap them to the top of the car, which is why most of my friends with children no longer invite me to come along on trips with them. However, a laptop, notebook, or tablet is a great way to keep the kids out of your hair on a long road trip. I never let kids touch Charlie since we both have an aversion to boogers on the keyboard, but many people are fine with letting kids use the computer and the car or on a train or plane is certainly a great place to do that. They might even fix all your technical issues if you ask them nicely.

I don’t recommend you do this while driving but you can have the passenger do it. Whether you have a smart phone or a laptop, what you can do is look online to find out where the cheapest fuel prices are. Not only that you can scout ahead for hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, and even movie theaters. If you are traveling by car, you can make the navigator learn everything about where you are going with the laptop battery, just don’t get caught up watching viral videos or you might end up being one. Google maps has become far more sophisticated and you can see photos, read reviews, get directions, and toss that annoying GPS with the fake British accent out the window.

Acer aspire 5520 battery  – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $65.29

Dell d5318 laptop battery  – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $62.07

HP 484784-001 laptop battery  – Brand New 4800mAh Only AU $67.64

It’s also a good idea to have some sort of permanent mark on your notebook or laptop that identifies it. With charlie, my right thumb has worn a groove in the space bar (seriously) and I also have a cigarette burn on the touchpad, but not on purpose, just one of those things that happen during late night chat. Still, it’s an identifying mark and I recommend you create one that goes beyond being a sticker or a marker. Use a cattle brand if you have one. Of course you could also superglue a business card to the bottom of it.

Finally, and this might be the most important tip to help you enjoy your travels with the laptop so pay attention. Shut it down. Turn it off. Get outside. You are in Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Vienna, Beijing, Calcutta, Timbuktu, Chicago, Buenos Aires, or someplace else you have always dreamed of seeing. Why in the world are you wasting time looking at status updates from people you never really liked in high school anyway? Leave the laptop in your room, in a safe, or take it with you but for the sake of all travel things wonderful, shut it down. Look out the window, smell the breeze, feel the movement of the wind in your hair. Travel with your laptop, but good god, make sure you still travel.

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Acer Iconia Tab A500 – A Multimedia Android Tablet

Acer Iconia Tab A500 is part of the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb wave, a system not yet fully grown but full of potential. The product is elegant and well designed. The 10.1-inch multitouch display is placed in a round edged case but the device weighs 730 grams which makes it rather heavy to be hold in one hand.

The Power button is placed on the left side of the screen and locks/unlocks the display. The headphone and the mini-HDMI slots are also on the left.  The AC adapter, USB connector,  mini-USB connector for PC synch and the Reset button are placed on the right.

The two stereo speakers are located on the back of the case and offer Dolby Mobile technology support. The 5MP camera incorporates LED flash but photo quality does not impress and neither does the HD 720p video quality. On the other hand, the 2MP front-facing camera is very useful for video calls.

acer iconia 2 1024x320 Acer Iconia Tab A500, A Multimedia Android Tablet

The TFT display with 1280×800 p resolution is protected by a mineral cotton film. The display finish does not prevent light reflection and the glass window can still be used as a mirror when the device is not turned on.  High LED display image quality is excellent for movie watching and viewing angles are similar to those of a good PC monitor.

The tablet runs on the Nvidia tegra 2 platform, powered by a dual-core ARM 7 1 GB RAM processor.  The 32 GB flash memory can be extended by another 32 GB using a microSDHC card.

acer iconia 3 1024x692 Acer Iconia Tab A500, A Multimedia Android Tablet

Internet access is guaranteed by Wi-Fi connection, but lack of 3G connectivity is a major downside.

The homescreen of  Iconia Tab A500 has four directories for eReading, Games, Multimedia and Social; each with its own specific apps. Apart from the standard Android Honeycomb apps, Acer has also added a few additional apps such as Need for Speed Shift, Let’s Golf, Docs to Go and Social Jogger.

acer iconia 4 1024x670 Acer Iconia Tab A500, A Multimedia Android Tablet

Apps loading is almost instant, and preinstalled browser web surfing was smooth. Adobe Flash installation completes multimedia experience and YouTube videos playing was smooth as long as the native player was used.  The YouTube desktop version playing was jerky, probably because of the Adobe Flash Plug-in, only available in the beta version.

acer iconia 5 1024x640 Acer Iconia Tab A500, A Multimedia Android Tablet

The Nvidia Tegra 2 platform offered  good results for 3D acceleration when tested with the Need for Speed Shift game. The 3D environment had a good framerate which allowed smooth game playing.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 is powered by a 3260mAh Li-ion battery which barely lasts for more than seven hours when used continuously with the Wi-Fi on and display brightness reduced by 50%.  Android Honeycomb uses quite a lot of laptop battery power even when the tablet is in stand-by, the display is off and the OS is running in the background. Up to 50% of battery power can be thus drained in 24 hours without actually using the tablet.

acer iconia 6 1024x460 Acer Iconia Tab A500, A Multimedia Android Tablet

Strong points: excellent hardware configuration, high quality display and speakers, HD 5MP camera, 32GB storage capacity, microSDHC slot, a more flexible Android Honeycomb OS and clear fi technology.

acer iconia 7 1024x749 Acer Iconia Tab A500, A Multimedia Android Tablet

Weak point: lack of 3G connectivity.

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