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Top Tips to Save Your iPad Battery Life –

Just got your new iPad, and you’re already worrying about the battery draining? Chill out, live a little, and play some Flight Control HD.

But once you’ve inducted your shiny new toy into your fleet of gadgets, and you’re ready to take him for a night out on the town in celebration, you can start to think about ways to conserve battery life.

First up, this article is going to come with a couple of caveats. For one, the iPad is, in many ways, a large iPod touch or iPhone, so a lot of the tips we give in this article will be very familiar to current Apple enthusiasts.

And secondly, the iPad’s battery is an incredible creature, capable of pumping out 12 hours of constant tapping, stroking, touching and caressing, regardless of Apple‘s meagre ten hour claims. Power conservation will rarely be on your list of concerns.

But there’ll always come a time when your HP Probook 4710S Battery is on life support, there’s not a power socket in sight and you still have a good half hour of public transport to endure.

Whatever can you do to ensure your magic rectangle has the power to see you all the way home? Well, you’d better read on to find out.

Turn off power sapping functionality

Yeah, my wi-fi hotspot is called Jim. I bet yours is something boring like Netgear or BT.

Bluetooth is the first to go. Unless you’re waggling a jailbreak-enabled Wii Remote on the last train out of Paddington, there’s probably not much use having this wireless technology clogging up your iPad. Shut it off in settings.

Wi-fi is also a good one to turn-off. You might not even be connected to a hotspot, but the little tablet is still trying to find connections every five seconds, in an undying eagerness to please its new owner.

Besides, if you’re reading a Tom Clancy novel or playing Angry Birds, do you really need web connection? Cut it loose in the Settings menu.

Location services next. I think you can afford to stop telling your three faithful Foursquare followers your exact geographical location for twenty minutes. Unless you’re geo-caching, shut it off.

You could also nix your push notifications, but if you’re still intent on bring told you have a new email, a new tweet, or that your turnips need harvesting, there could be a better way.

Quit pushing, and fetch less often

You can turn off push email in the Fetch New Data menu, and select how often it will check for mail.

If you set up your email correctly, you can get your server to alert your iPad the nanosecond it receives a new electronic letter.

And we know its helpful for your productivity to know someones left cookies on their desk the moment it happens, but what’s an extra 15 minutes to wait?

No cookies, that’s what. But if you’re in a Heathrow bound tube, it won’t really matter anyway.

Turn off push notifications, and set it to fetch your emails instead. From here, you can make your golden retriever-like iPad pop off and look for new emails every quarter of an hour, every 30 minutes, or hourly. Or you can even set it manually, so it’ll only tax your battery when you load the the Mail, Calendar, or Contacts apps.

Choose less strenuous activities

If only we could compromise. Perhaps with a Plants vs Zombies book, for example.

If you’re seriously running low on laptop battery, maybe you should give that seven hour Plants vs Zombies marathon or complete Lost Season 6 re-watch a raincheck. Anything with constantly moving graphics, especially 3D ones or physics based games, will sap your battery at a far greater pace than say, a nice iBook.

You do remember books, don’t you? The ones with pages and little stories and characters named Boo Radley. Sometimes they’ll even have pictures, and they won’t kill your power source as fast as a picture of a red bird, flying through the air towards a flimsy structure filled with pigs.

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Audio is good, too, because you can turn the screen off entirely, saving literally hours of battery life. Music is a good traditional choice, but keep your iPad loaded with audiobooks and podcasts in case something different takes your fancy.

Turn the brightness down

iPad screenshots don’t capture the device’s current brightness, so I had to use the extent of my Photoshop skills to bring you this image. Enjoy.

The iPad has an exquisite screen. A big glossy finished, high resolution, multi-touch bastard. It looks lovely when the brightness is on full blast, of course, but that’ll drain your battery quicker than a plug drains a sink. Which is very fast, obviously.

It’s good for your eyes, too. Reading large swathes of text on a brightly lit tablet is like reading a book that’s printed on a light bulb. Or the sun.

So it’s not just good for your iPad’s health, but yours too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and all that. And the goose is an iPad, in this twisted, tortured metaphor.

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Top 6 Useful Web Apps To Help You Job Hunt

Job hunting these days is a battle. With fewer jobs available in certain industries, one needs to be efficient, streamlined and spot on in their quest for employment. Below are some things I personally use or have used to keep abreast of possible opportunities. Even if you are happy in your current career or company, it is never bad to be prepared in case you find yourself in need of a job.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is a great place to design, store, and collaborate with other people on your resume. Your resume can be exported as a PDF, RTF or a Word document for easy viewing by your potential employer. With hundreds of easily customizable templates for both resumes and cover letters, this is a easy choice.

It is a good idea to keep your resume up dated. If you set a reminder in the calendar of your choice to update your resume quarterly, you will have less work if a lay off strikes. Another benefit to updating your information often is you are less likely to omit important details about your accomplishments.

2. Ingboo

Ingboo is a service that gives you a way to aggregate search results from a huge number of sites. In the job tab; Simply Hired, Craigslist and Hotjobs are 3 of the 11 sites from which you can be notified of newly posted job opportunities. The updates can be emailed in a daily digest, as soon as new results appear or at a selectable time of the day. Ingboo also can send updates right to your Twitter account. If none of these methods to view the results are appealing to you, going to to see the results is always an option too. Ingboo is working on a Blackberry app which will help you keep up with your searches while mobile.


3.  RSS

If you are using an RSS feed reader for viewing new posts on blogs and websites, using it for your job search will be a piece of cake. If you are not using any kind of RSS feed reader, Google Reader and iGoogle are good options to those who have a Google/ Gmail account. If not, other services for Mac, Windows and mobile devices are available.

The way to use RSS for a job search is simple. Create a search the same way you are accustomed to on a site like Instead of saving the search, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the RSS feed button.

You will be prompted to choose what reader you want to use. Once subscribed, all of the new jobs will arrive in this feed within moments of being posted. Here is what a feed would look like on your iGoogle hompage.


4. Google Alerts

If you are looking at a specific company’s career page, the odds of them having an RSS feed with job updates are pretty slim. In this case, you can set up a Google alert for when a page changes (if a job is added). The results can be emailed to you weekly, daily or as soon as a change happens. This is done with some advanced Google search formulas like these:

if you were looking for a job at Apple

(inurl:job OR inurl:jobs) site:

if you were looking for a job anywhere in Denver, Colorado.

(inurl:job OR inurl:jobs) denver

(inurl:career OR inurl:careers)

These alerts work well because most battery companies post job openings on a page with [job] or [career] in the URL. By adding in a site:operator or a location, the search is narrowed and becomes more useful to you.

5. InSide Job

Usually apps on Facebook aren’t thought to be very useful in the search for a job. Granted Facebook can be a good way to network (when you aren’t distracted by Farmville or Mafia Wars); this is one application however, is making a good argument to be on Facebook.

Acer as07b31 battery
Acer AS07B31 Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 65.29

Here is how their webpage describes the app:

Inside Job lets you contact people who have interviewed, worked, or are currently employed at the places you want to work at next!
InSide Job users can also:
-Get the inside scoop on their prospective employer before the interview;
-Network with people in similar fields; and
-Find the right people to hire as service providers.


6. A Blog

A personal blog is a good thing to keep up on whether you are working or not. Many free blogging platforms (, Blogger, Typepad…) give you an avenue to let people and potential employers get to know you. You can choose to display work accomplishments, personal stories, your thought on your industry news or anything you would like others to know about you.

The more positive information is on the web about you when a client or potential employer is looking you up on the web, the better. Job hunting is a full time job. You need to market yourself and control your online profile/ information in a way no other generation has before.

Leave any job searching tips and tools in the comments below.

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Top 6 Tips for buying a new laptop battery

6 Tips for buying new laptop batteries

Tip 1: Check your products manual
To learn the battery specs is very important, before you buy a new laptop battery, your should know the battery model,it’s better if you know the battery volts and battery you can buy the right one.

Tip 2: Check for freshness
Learn to read the battery date codes or ask the batteries retailer to check them for you to purchase the freshest Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS Battery available. Batteries that sit on the shelf too long without recharge may not provide the performance you’ll need. Freshness – You don’t want to buy an old battery because it may not deliver the power or life its label promises. at batteries are checked on a regular basis so that you’ll always get powerfast, built to last!

Hp business notebook 6710b laptop battery

discount laptop battery
cheap laptop battery
Availability: Usually ships within 1 working day

HP business notebook 6710b battery
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 10.8V
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
Battery Color: Black
Battery Condition: Brand new
List Price: AU $ 92.02
Now Price: AU $ 61.32 (Including GST)

Brand new, fast delivery from Australia, high quality and discount laptop batterySecure Shopping Guarantee. Buy now save up 30%

Tip 3: Check out the battery warranty
Do you have to bring it back to the same facility where you purchased the battery? Can you phone and have the battery replaced on the roadside? How long is the free replacement period? After that period, does the warranty work on a straight proration structure?

Tip 4: Consider value, not just price
The old adage “You get what you pay for” can be very true for batteries. Before you buy, ask a professional’s advice: perhaps your mechanic or counterman at your local parts battery store.

Tip 5: If your battery tests weak, buy a new battery before your old one fails.
Have your battery tested before you leave on vacation and at periodic intervals. It’s one of the best ways to “start” each time. You could easily save yourself an expensive tow or repair bill.

Tip 6: If you need a new battery, just go to a professional battery store to buy your new battery. you can easily get high quality laptop batteries will with lower price.and you can enjoy very nice customer services. the most important advantages buying batteries at is safety and fast!

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Mother’s Day 2011: Top 7 Awesome eCards For Mom

Mother’s Day is upon us, and what’s that? You haven’t gotten her a card yet? There’s still time for an eCard. We’ll show you some of the best ones we found.

If you haven’t visited the eCard universe lately, you’ll be surprised how sophisticated they’ve become. Gone are the amateurish graphics and tacky music, replaced by symphonic scores and majestic 3D animations.

Some of the cards in the gallery below are free, while most of them require a “membership” to the cardmaker’s site. Either way, all will get you out of this procrastination predicament you’re finding yourself in right now:

Jacquie Lawson

This lovely work of art from Jacquie Lawson plays a waltz by Chopin with a payoff at the end: there’s a flower arrangement that reveals the meaning of each flower. One-year membership is $12.

American Greetings

This one from American Greetings is accompanied by beautiful music, excellent animation and a full-screen surprise at the end. Free Trial.

O Jolie

O Jolie’s “Secret Garden” features subtle animation, soothing classical music and understated elegance. Works for birthdays and other occasions, too. $12/year membership


Be careful sending one of these Someecards — some moms might find them refreshingly forthright, honest, and maybe even hilarious, while others might be offended. We like this one because it makes fun of the giver rather than the receiver. This one’s free.

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain’s cavorting dolphins, bears blowing bubbles and pleasant animation that goes outside the frame might delight your mom. 1-month membership is $3.99.


Hallmark brings the doo-wop music along with a whimsical animation that emphasizes gratitude for all dear Mom’s done for you. And this one’s free.


JibJab lets you insert your face into the proceedings with “Mom Rap,” a goofy video and serenade for your mom. You might like this one more than she does, but if she has a sense of humor, you’re golden. If so, she might just be going around the house for the next few days saying “You better watch your booty when Mom’s in the ‘hood!” $12/year membership.

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10 Blogs to Simplify Your Life

10 Blogs For Learning Something New Pack for iPhone: Our List of the Best iPhone Apps

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15-Inch Laptops Are Still Popular

laptop battery serviceSteve Jobs may think we’re living in the post-PC era, but when it comes to consumers’ notebook preferences, we’re not even in the post-desktop era. Mainstream shoppers continue to snap up clunky 15-inch laptops that are closer in size and feel to the old-school desktops they’re replacing. This ongoing trend does not bode well for real mobility geeks and for Intel, which hopes to revolutionize the market with Ultrabooks, a new class of super-slim, long-lasting notebooks.

In a world where tablets such as the iPad have sapped enthusiasm and sales from the notebook category, Intel’s Ultrabook initiative promises to revive the portable PC. According to Intel’s Beck Emmett, Ultrabooks have four key benefits over traditional ultraportables:

  • Superthin: Ultrabooks must be no thicker than 21 mm(0.82 inches).
  • Fast starting: Many Ultrabooks will come with an SSD, and all will be able to boot quickly and wake quickly, like tablets.
  • Long battery life: Intel expects Ultrabooks to last at least 5 hours on a charge, with many lasting 8+ hours.
  • Security: BIOS will have Intel Anti-Theft/Intel Identity Protection built in.

“Eventually you’ll think of an Ultrabook as a tablet when you want it, a PC when you need it,” Emmett wrote on’s blog.

Toshiba PA3285U-1BAS Laptop Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only Only AU $61.98

Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS Laptop Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $62.07

HP Pavilion DV9700 Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $73.53

Mobile geeks like me are justifiably excited by this new notebook category, because it also means sleeker, longer-lasting systems in the mold of the MacBook Air and Samsung Series 9. Unfortunately, mainstream consumers will prove difficult to convince.

According to DisplaySearch’s Q1 2011 report on screen-size market share, 11- to 13-inch notebooks make up just 11.5 percent of the North American notebook market and 10.8 percent of the market worldwide, as compared to 45.2 and 54.2 percent shares for 14- to 15-inch notebooks. According to DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim, more than two thirds of those 11- and 13-inch laptops are Apple MacBooks. Is Intel selling mini Coopers to a market of full of SUV drivers?

The Puzzling Popularity of 15-Inch Notebooks

I kvetched in this space last September about consumers buying 15-inch notebooks, and it looks like things haven’t changed at all since that time. Just look at DisplaySearch’s Q1 2011 numbers:

Screen Size North America Worldwide
7.0″ (tabs) 2.1% 3.1%
8.9″ 0.1% 0.0%
9.7″ (iPad) 22.6% 10.7%
10″ 11.5% 16.3%
11.x” 1.7% 2.0%
12.x” 1.6% 2.3%
13.x” 8.2% 6.5%
14.x” 12.9% 20.6%
15.x” 32.3% 33.6%
16.x” 0.5% 0.4%
17.x” 6.6% 4.6%

As you can see, DisplaySearch lumps tablet sales in with their notebook numbers, so the 9.7 and 7-inch sizes clearly represent iPads and Galaxy Tab/Nook Color devices. The 10-inch category includes traditional netbooks, but also 10-inch tablets such as the Motorola Xoom, which were just emerging at the end of Q1. If we could deduct all the tablets from these numbers and pull out all the 13-inch MacBooks, the 15-inch category would loom even larger for PC vendors.

“The impression is that it’s a kind of desktop replacement yet still fairly portable,” Shim said of 15-inch notebooks. He theorized that 13-inch notebooks have traditionally been viewed as premium products and that low-cost ultraportables with low-voltage CPUs haven’t appealed to consumers because they just aren’t that interested in long battery life.

“When the CULV notebooks (Intel’s low-voltage platform) came out, they promoted laptop battery life to consumers. They said, ‘Oh, you can get 8 hours and it’s great,’” Shim recalled. “But consumers were like, ‘I don’t need 8 hours’ and the CULV notebooks never really took off because they were emphasizing something that consumers didn’t need. Consumers are like, ‘This notebook isn’t really going to leave my house that much so I’m always going to be within range of an outlet.’”

If Shim is right about why CULV systems failed, consumers’ lack of interest in long battery life and light weight could pose problems for Ultrabook adoption.  However, Intel remains bullish on the category, saying that though initial entries such as the Asus UX121 are in the 11- to 13-inch size, we’ll eventually see 14- and 15-inch Ultrabooks too.

“Even within larger screen sizes there is a bias toward thinner, more responsive systems,” said Greg Welch,  director of the On-the-Go Market Segment for Intel’s Mobile Client Platforms Group, told us. “We don’t see the popularity of 14-15 inch systems as an impediment to the adoption of Ultrabooks.”

Welch also said that he believes we’ll see consumers gravitate toward smaller systems as they grow more accustomed to smartphones.

Despite his skepticism about consumers’ desire for longer battery life, Shim posited that Ultrabooks’ other benefits could lead to more 13-inch notebook sales if consumers can adjust to prices that are likely higher than the current $616 average laptop selling price.

“I think they’ll help the market,” he said. “I think the overall mobile PC landscape is going to become more fragmented and at the end of the day that will lead to a bigger pie.”

To really establish Ultrabooks as a viable platform, Intel will need to do more than just tout their svelte looks or fast resume-from-sleep times. The company will need to show Bob and Betty aussiebattery that portability matters to them. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that long battery life matters even when you’re just sitting on the couch and don’t want to be chained to that outlet.

If people get used to using smaller notebooks at home, maybe they’ll even start taking them places!

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How to use Facebook Friend Exporter Transfer Facebook Friends to Google+

Facebook Friend Exporter is a Google Chrome Extension which allows you transfer all your Facebook contacts to Google+ easily. It allows you to get only the friends’ information that they share with you, such as: name, e-mails, phone numbers, screen names, websites, etc. With this Extension you can add all your Facebook friends into Google+, so here is the guide which will help you do this easily.

1. Download the Facebook Friend Exporter Google Chrome Extension here

2. Now go to your Facebook Account and you can see an Export button will appear on Facebook toolbar on the top. Click on it and it will open a screen to start processing.

Dell Vostro 1520 Battery
Dell Vostro 1520 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V
only AU $ 71.95

3. Now you can see the list of All Your Friends there, Now click the “Lets start” button and “Gmail Button” to Import all Facebook contact to Gmail.

4. After your done, go to your Gmail Account contacts page and check out the folder called “Imported from Facebook” all you Facebook contacts are saved here.

5. Now Login to your Google+ account and go to the Circles and Click Find and Invite option. Now you you see all you “Imported from Facebook” Gmail contacts there. Thats it, now click on the contacts tabs and add them into your Google+ Circle.

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Top 10 Creative Beach Towels

10 Creative Beach Towels

Clever beach towels and creative towel designs from all over the world.

Skin Cancer Awareness Towel

This creative towel reminds you to be careful during the summer.Skin Cancer Awareness Towel

Butt Face Towel

Each end of this unusual Butt-Face towel knows its place.

Butt Face Towel

Beach Bag Towel

Designed by Maison Martin Margiela, this awesome beach bag transforms into a towel or a beach mat.

Beach Bag Towel

Grill Towel

In order to increase awareness of sun damage, 50 towels with a coal grill printed on them were given out at the Gordon beach in Tel Aviv.

Grill Towel

Wearable Towel

This cool towel does not employ the use of any fastener. It is unisex and can be worn in either a tunic style or a toga style.

Wearable Towel

Murder Scene Towel

To promote Weekend Murders feature length UK drama, pool-of-blood shaped beach towels were given out at the beach.

Murder Scene Towel

Measuring Towel

Designed by Changduk Kim and Jinsoo Jeon, this towel allows you to measure your waist.

Measuring Towel

Mini Travel Towel

Multi-purpose travel towels packed like pills. Simply pop one out, soak with a little water and the pill instantly transforms into a sturdy towel.

Mini Travel Towel

Sand Towel

Though just an ordinary white towel at first glance, when turned over it has a photo of sand printed on the back that will camouflages and protects your valuables when you go swimming.

Sand Towel

Playboy Beach Towel

During the summer, Playboy magazine was looking for a new cover girl. To encourage girls to participate in the competition, they decided to give out beach mats that look like the front page of the magazine.

Playboy Beach Towel

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Laptop Battery Breakthrough Promises Lighter Weight, More Power

Better battery life is on the top of most people’s gadget wish lists. Now, a technology breakthrough from MIT offers hope for the mobile masses — but it will have to contend with other experimental approaches in a race to the market that could take years, experts say.

MIT researchers say they have found a way to create batteries that can offer up to three times the energy density of current batteries, while being much lighter. That paves the way for portable devices that could both be lighter and have a much longer battery life than current gadgets.

“You can get laptop battery life in a laptop computer similar that’s three times more than what you have now, even as the battery gets three times lighter, ” Yang Shao-Horn, associate professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at MIT, told

While advances in material sciences and chip design have led to more powerful computers with better displays, battery life has remained a big roadblock. That’s why new battery technologies have become a major area of research. Companies such as GE and IBM are exploring the promise of a new kind of battery called lithium-air. These batteries could replace existing lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-air batteries have a lithium anode that is electrochemically coupled to atmospheric oxygen through an air cathode. By contrast, current lithium-ion batteries have a carbon anode and a metal oxide-based cathode.

“There’s huge potential for lithium-air batteries,” says Vishal Sapru, industry manager for power and energy system at research firm Frost & Sullivan. “The combination of lithium anode and air cathode not only makes them lighter than lithium-ion but also offers higher energy density.”

Sapru estimates that a typical lithium-air battery can offer an output of 1800 watts per kilogram compared to about 120 to 350 watts per kilogram seen in lithium-ion APPLE A1078 Battery.

But so far, there has been a lack of understanding about the kinds of electrode materials that could promote the electrochemical reactions that take place in lithium-air batteries, which has held back their development, says MIT’s Shao-Horn.

The answer, she says, according to her team, lies in using gold or platinum as a catalyst.

And despite the bling factor, batteries using these precious metals could still be cost competitive, says Shao-Horn. “We need to have only the surfaces covered by these elements,” she says. “We are not using platinum and gold in the bulk of the HP 395794-001 Battery.”

It’s an interesting breakthrough, agrees Sapru, but one that’s by no means guaranteed a commercial future. Other battery researchers are working on other materials, such as aluminum-polymer laminates, for instance. What will eventually reach the hands of consumers remains to be seen, he says.

“Till these technologies reach commercial manufacturing stage we can’t reliably tell how they will do in terms of costs and accessibility,” says Sapru. “While gold and platinum offer some advantages, aluminum-polymer laminates can be more flexible, so we will have to wait and see.”

Shao-Horn says her team’s ideas are still a long way from commercialization. The group is yet to perfect the chemistry of the charging and discharging processes and increase efficiency of the system, she says.

“Ultimately, just like we have different types of lithium-ion batteries today,” says Sapru, “we will have different lithium-air batteries. But all of this is a couple of years away from reaching consumers.”

Tagcloud: Battery Breakthrough, power laptop battery, laptop batteries, battery care tips, Sony VGP-BPS2C Battery,

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How to import all your Facebook contacts to Google Plus

This Week Google Announce its long-rumored Facebook competitor Google Plus. It’s similar like the Facebook News Feed, allowing users to share photos, videos, links or their location with friends. So today here we are sharing a tip with you which will help you to Import all your Facebook contacts to Google Plus.

1. Log in your Yahoo Mail account or Create new one.

2. Now Go to the “Contact” Option and then “Import Contacts”. And Authorize Facebook access to your Yahoo! address book.

3. Wait for a min to Import Facebook Contacts on Yahoo acccout.

4. Now Your Facebook contacts are on your Yahoo mail Account.

5. Now Login to Google+ Account and go to your “Circles” Page.

Toshiba pa3285u-3bas Battery
Toshiba Pa3285u-3bas Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 10.8 V
only AU $ 67.98

6. Click “Find and Invite” there, and then click “Yahoo! Import” and “Authorize your Yahoo Account” there, that you used to Import Facebook Contacts.

7. Now All the contact are on your Google Plus “Find and Invite Page”. Now Drag everyone into the appropriate “Circle”.

Don’t forget to Subscribe to our feed and Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

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Top 4 Websites To Find Free iPad Books

As much as some people want to ignore it, it seems that eBooks are here to stay. This does not mean, of course, that paper books are gone for good, and I personally still like them very much, but it’s hard to withstand the availability and speed with which one can get one’s hands on an eBook.

While not being as fun as paper books or as easy on the eyes as other dedicated eReaders, the iPad provides a good way to read thousands of eBooks without buying another specialized device. Below I mention several websites where you can find loads of free iPad ebooks.

Note that most of the free books you can get are those that are now in the public domain, meaning they are mostly by dead authors or have become public domain for other reasons. If you’re looking to get the latest big bestseller, you probably won’t find it for free on these websites to find iPad books.

In order to view these books on your iPad you’ll need an eBook app like iBooks. Simply add the .epub files to your iTunes library and sync them to your iPad. The books will automatically appear in iBooks.

Project Gutenberg

ipad books

Project Gutenberg might not be the best website to look at, but I guess that’s because they’re concentrating on what’s really important, and that’s bringing us  lots of free books! It has pretty good search and browse options, and if you know what you’re looking for, finding it should be a breeze. There’s also a Top 100 list that should help if you don’t really know what you’re looking for.

This site offers eBooks in 7 different formats (including ePub, PDF, Kindle and several others). When I downloaded the ePub version on “Alice in Wonderland”, I got a file named “pg11″, which wasn’t very helpful. The book also didn’t come with a proper cover (or artwork, if you wish), so that was a bit boring, and this was the case for other books I downloaded through this site as well, but the books themselves were all there.

free ipad books

Project Gutenberg also offers an offline catalog of their books, so if you want to sit and look through it while you’re not connected to the internet, you can do so easily. You can also find books in many other languages, with 14 languages boasting more than 50 books to download!

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free ipad books

On first glance, ManyBooks‘ design is better than Project Gutenberg, and definitely more “modern”, but after I tried playing with it a little, I found their interface a bit confusing. ManyBooks offers, well, many free books, and you can get those in numerous formats, some that I’ve never even heard of before.

free ipad books

Just browsing through their titles or authors gets a bit confusing, but searching works well. If you need help finding a book, there’s a “recommended” section and a “new titles” section. The “new” titles are, of course, new to the site, but not to the world. I also found a weird mix of English and non-English books in the same place, which didn’t help my confusion at all.

I chose to download “Through the Looking Glass”, which came with the helpful file name of “carrollletext91lglass19epub”, but the book did come with a cover picture, which was nice.


This site is a great improvement when it comes to looks. It’s very nice to look at, all the books have cover pictures and I found myself browsing it for much longer. I guess I’m a sucker for good looks.

ePubBooks offers many free books, but it also points you to places where you can get paid books. There aren’t many formats to download here, as you can guess from the name, but when looking for iPad books, this is not a problem. I chose to download the book “A Christmas Carol”, and the file name included both the name of the book and the author’s name in a way I could actually read it. Big plus! The file (and others I tried) did not, however, contain a cover picture for the book.

books for ipad

This site lets you browse and search, like all other sites, but it also lets you browse by genre. This is not new by any means, but what I loved about it is that ePubBooks actually explains what each genre means. Dropping genre names is all nice and dandy, but it’s great to know what they mean by those names.

books for ipad


FeedBooks is different from the other websites in that it has its own eBook store, which could be useful to some. This also means that you need to be wary, because many of the suggestions they give on their main page are for paid books. You can choose to look only at free books, and there is also an “Original books” category, which is interesting.

books for ipad

The book I chose to download came with a book cover image, and the name of the file was the best of all the sites I tried: “H. G. Wells – The War of the Worlds”. This is what it should look like! This by itself, for me, is a winning feature. As far as I could see, this website offers books in the ePub format only. It’s a very easy site to browse through, and it even has an RSS feed you can subscribe to which will let you know about new releases.

ipad books

If you’re looking for books in other languages, though, this might not be the site for you. While other sites offer books in numerous other languages, FeedBooks offers book in only 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish). But if you’re looking for books in these languages, you should definitely give this site a spin.


All these websites deliver what I was looking for, which is free iPad books. It’s hard to say which one is the best, as they all have some good features, and, of course, free books! But as all books are the same, I will tend to use the website that offers the best browsing experience, and that was FeedBooks. Having a coherent file name on download didn’t hurt either.

So where do you get your free books? Is there a really good website we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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