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CHEM USA Laptop Battery Using Instruction

Most of the new Laptop Battery at the factory are set to sleep mode, the first boot with only about 5% of the electricity. You should not use an external power supply at this time, let the notebook battery exhausted, until shutdown, then switch on the external ac adapter and the first charge had better over 15 hours. After fully charged, you should charge after the exhaustion of batter, the time of the second and third charge should be more than 12 hours, in order to activate CHEM USA Laptop Battery and lay a good foundation for future use.
CHEM USA battery life is measured in terms of the number of charging and discharging. Do not enable the CHEM USA Laptop Battery unless it is necessary, if you don't use the battery for a long time, you should charge it to about half full and place in a cool place to keep. If you enable the CHEM USA battery, you should run out of power after the charging, and do not plug in the AC power before exhausted. When the CHEM USA Laptop Battery fully charged, you should disconnect the AC input because overcharge will make the CHEM USA battery overheat and that will shorten the CHEM USA battery life.
Generally speaking, nowadays the laptop are with intelligent CHEM USA battery protection, the CHEM USA Laptop Battery Pack will not be damaged due to normal operation, but still may damaged for the life-span of travelmate battery or other special reasons.
Lithium-ion CHEM USA Laptop Battery should fast charge in constant current and then switch to slow charge in constant voltage when the voltage reaches a certain value. Usually the laptop doesn't have a strictly constant-current charge monitoring device. Charge current will turn small when system load large and vice versa, the current is decided by the CHEM USA AC adapter power margin, it is obviously.
Discharge in a current as small as possible, the action is to slow down the CPU, stop the hard disk, adjust the screen to the most dark, and then do not run any programs until the laptop automatically shut down. The reason to emphasize the small current discharging is to prevent the CHEM USA laptop premature detect the battery voltage shortage.

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