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CANON BP-711 Battery Charger

CANON BP-711 Battery Charger
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CANONBP-711 Battery Charger Information:

Product ID:CHM006SA
Battery Dimensions:106.50x69.00x37.00mm
List Price: AU $26.104
Special Price:AU $20.08 (Including GST)

Investiture Delivery Methods Total Delivery and Service Charges Delivery Days
Normal Delivery Free Shipping 5-15 working days
Express Delivery Au $10.00 2-7 working days
Remark: we will dispatch the eParcel from 145 McEvoy Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015 within 24 hours, the tracking number will be send to your email once we got the number from Australia POST.

CANON BP-711 Battery Charger Description

--High quality battery cells are used in our CANON Battery Charger.
--100% QC of EVERY CANON Battery.
--Most Battery Charger are pre-charged before shipping.
--Australia's quality battery company for Dell laptop batteries, Toshiba laptop batteries, HP laptop batteries, Acer laptop batteries, Asus laptop batteries, Makita power tools batteries, Dewalt power tools batteries.
--Replacement batteries which are as good or often better than the originals.
-- Brand new, 30 Days Money Back, 100% Secure Shopping Guarantee, 1 year warranty!

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

Voltage:240V AC (Input),12V-1A (Output)

This Battery Charger can replace the following part numbers:

    BP-711 BP-714 BP-726 BP-729
    BP-818 BP-E718 BP-E722 BP-E77
    BP-E77K BP-E818    

This Battery Charger is also compatible with the following models:

    E06 E07 E08
    E09 E20 E210
    E230 E250 E350
    E40 E440 E460
    E50 E51 E520
    E53 E57 E60
    E61 E620 E63
    E640 E65 E65A
    E66 E660 E67
    E680 E70 E700
    E77 E80 E800
    E800Hi E808 E850
    E850Hi E90 EQ305
    ES100 ES1000 ES10V
    ES170 ES18 ES180
    ES190 ES200 ES2000
    ES20V ES2500 ES270
    ES280 ES290 ES290A
    ES300 ES3000 ES40
    ES400V ES500 ES520
    ES550 ES600 ES70
    ES7000 ES750 ES80
    ES800 ES870 ES90
    ES900 ES970 EX1
    EX2Hi H-850UC-1 H440
    H460 H480 H520
    H640 H660 H680
    H800 H850 J10
    J100 J20 L1
    L10 L2 LX-1T
    LX1 LX100 UC-L100W
    UC-V1Hi UC1 UC10
    UC15 UC15C UC16
    UC1Hi UC1MarkII UC2
    UC20 UC25Hi UC2Hi
    UC30 UC30Hi UC3Hi
    UC40Hi UC55 UC5Hi
    UC6000 UC7000 UC7500
    UC8000 UC8500 UC9500
    UCS1 UCS2 UCS20
    UCS3 UCS5 UCX65Hi
    VME70 VME70A VME77
    VME800H VTLC50  

Some useful informations about battery charger.

How long will it take a charger to charge batteries?
It's pretty easy to estimate how long it will take. Simply divide the capacity of the battery by the charge rate of the charger, then increase the amount of time by about 20% to allow for a certain amount of inefficiency. As an example, a battery with a capacity of 1600 mAh will require about 4 hours to be fully charged by a charger with a charge rate of 500 mA. (1600 mAh/500 mA x120%). Incidentally, this example would apply to a standard AA NiMH battery and a typical "rapid charger". Keep in mind that a battery that is only partially discharged will be recharged in less time.
What's the difference between a NiMH battery charger and a NiCd battery charger.
The biggest differences are in the charge rate (how fast the charger can charge batteries) and the charge control (how the charge determines when to stop the charge). Many of the inexpensive NiMH battery chargers are simply NiCd chargers that have been modified slightly. Typically a 5 hour NiCd charger has a switch that allows the charge time to be increased from five hours to eight hours. Thus a 5 hour NiCd charger becomes an 8 hour NiMh charger. As we mentioned above, we do not recommend this type of charger design. While a timer type charger is less expensive to manufacture than a smart charger, it can lead to overcharging and battery damage if batteries are frequently charged before they have been discharged (that is, the batteries are used for a short time and then fully charged again).
NiMH smart chargers have actually been designed to detect when a NiMH battery is fully charged and then shut off or go into a trickle charge mode. Because of the more complex circuitry, this type of charger costs more to make, but should lead to greater battery life. Some of these chargers only cost slightly more that the "dumb" chargers. We strongly recommend investing in a smart charger for your NiMH or NiCd batteries.